[Replied]Defective and Unusable

Order number: P122895

My company ordered this headset and have had multiple issues. Here is what I noticed immediately upon putting on the headset.

First issue: There is a defect in the right lens that shows as a dark spot toward the inner right lens. This looks like a defect in the lens itself. There is also another dark spot in the center of the right lens. This looks like a tiny chipped piece of plastic stuck to the center of the lens.

Second issue: As you’re aware, the IPD adjuster on the headset will only adjust to a minimum of 59.8mm. My IPD is ~57-58mm. The effect I feel is obviously wrong, strange and causes constant eye strain. It’s noticeable while wearing the headset and when I take the headset off, as if I’d been staring cross-eyed and my eyes are still out of sync with each other. This physical minimum IPD of 59.8 was never advertised anywhere at the time of purchase or included with any support materials with the headset.

I would like a refund for this headset as it is defective and unusable for me. I can’t see how this can possibly be resolved with its current functionality.

Please let me know when and how you will proceed with this request as we need this resolved quickly.

Thanks for your help.

@mozi @anon74848233

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good luck your gunna need it pimax dont do anything fast from my view lol

Hi,sorry for the inconvenience,please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback
First issue:Please create a support ticket and attach details to SUPEN-xxxx,thanks.
Second issue:Please try the latest pitool version:http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/PiToolSetup_121_R211_beta.exe
What’s New:
1.Add color contrast and brightness adjustment (Beta function)
2.Add the function of IPD offset adjustment (when physical IPD adjustment is unable to continue anymore, try to use this function, Beta function)

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All I see when I try to login at Pimaxvr.com is Sorry, your username and password are incorrect - please try again.

I enter my username and request to reset the password and no email arrives.

This process is very poor. Now what am I supposed to do?

What is your username,please.

My username is shadeshift. My email is matt.digiman@gmail.com.

I can login with my email address to view my order status, but neither my forum username nor that order email address work. I’ve emailed twice so far and received responses but no action has been taken. It’s over a month since I sent those emails. At what point do you just make a support ticket for me? All the information is here, including my order number.

Did you sign up for an account?
Its different account from the forum.

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One of the emails I received in response to my support request email was titled SUP-337 Need Support - Issues with P122895

Ok, now I have a separate login for my order, a separate login for the forum and a separate login for support. All are registered to PimaxVR.com. Wow. How confusing can you make this process for a customer?

I signed up again to PimaxVR and will fill out my support ticket. I’m looking for a refund.

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