[Replied]Can not set IPD below 59,7

Hi all.

My IPD is 58,5 but the mechanic on the HMD lets me only set it to 59,7 on the most narrow setting (which is still not comfortable).
The Manual says 55-75. Can anyone confirm that the setting 58,5 is really supported or has anyone a similar issue?



Would like to know about this as well. My IPD is about 58. So i have to crank setting all the way down

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I’ve gone as low as it can go and it’s not low enough for me. It’s also displaying 59.7.


Yay, there’s more of us! Mine only goes down to 60.2mm. My beautiful Pimax 5K+ is essentially unusable.:cry:
I just posted this:


Hopefully Pimax picked up on this issue and will addres it in the upcoming software Pitool

I raised a request on that: SUPEN-143 which somehow vanished now ?!
I hope that there is a way to get down to the promised 55mm somehow as the HMD is barely usable for me in the actual state.

I have an IPD of 58,5 and I can use it with the minimum setting of 59,7 without big problems.
But sometimes I think it also depend on the game you are playing (?).

But I have modded the HMD with a second facepad of VR-Cover from my VIVE and the DAS.
Maybe that works for you too…

That is a really good Idea. Will test it later. Danke!

Writing that is nearby is blurry. Stuff in the distance is sharper, to the point I can see the SDE. I need to bring the lenses together by another couple of millimetres, perhaps. That’s using the thick “narrow” Vive pad. Moving the Pimax even further out reduces the FOV yet further, and my Vive Pro starts looking attractive again.

Did you create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

No, via Mail, as signup on the support page was not possible over the weekend. Opened a new one SUPEN-2145