[Replied]Blue stripes Pimax 5k+

Good afternoon

This morning my Pimax5k+ wokeup with those dodgy blue stripes and I do not know how to get rid of them
and it does not desappear. It seems incrusted in the screen. Help would be welcome.
I have depluggged, repplugged, restart computer. I am quite desperate.


Looks very much like


@Zonegaming RMA’d

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I have tried many things including pilauncher thing. No luck…
Any help appreciated

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Maybe someone has some great idea that you could try. If Zonegaming’s hmd has the same error and Pimax determined that it requires a replacement you will need one too.

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I would like to see if changing (lowering) the HZ in the newest Pitool beta affects to this issue particularly.
But yeah most likely a hardware defect.
It could be as simple as a bad contact in the ribbon cable inside the headset.


Can you send tour service desk ticket number and @Doman.Chen will solve your issue asap

Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

@Doman.Chen cannot login to support. Says i have to ask Jira Desk to allow to modify password.
Help needed.


Please PM me with details of your issue and i will ask our engineer to check it together.