[Replied](Backer # 6937) Logged onto PimaxVR Forums, but can’t long onto PimaxVR Support. “Error: Signup is not currently available”

Kickstarter Backer # 6937:

I have the “Flickering Pixels/ Glittering Snow/ Dancing White Dots” problem with my Pimax 5K+ and I need them to send me a new cable. I tried removing the cable and reseating it, no change.

Even while being logged onto PimaxVR forums, whenever I click on “Support”, I’m asked to log on again. My Username and Password that just worked on the forums, don’t work on Support. When I signing up it says: “Error: Signup is not currently available”

I just need a new cable. Can’t create a ticket.

Any help @anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen ?

Thanks a lot

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Yeah the support site needs to be looked at. Support should be on the forums within the next 4 hrs.

Which headset did you receive?

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

You can send your message to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com

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Hi, Thanks, No answer from anyone from PIMAX !!!

Hi I received the 5k+ in London ! Super annoying, the kind of snow.

How this passed the Quality check ? ? Are they serious ?

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Can Someone tell me how this cable mistakes passed the Quality check ? It’s so obvious !

They probably have been using a test station on the headset while the cable is in the box for shipping. Truth the manufacturer of the cable should have been testing the cable. When I worked in manufacturing we at times had returns due to being supplied faulty parts. Ie Intake Manifold castings that hadn’t had all the silica sand removed. Our customer one of the big 3 had motors that got ruined as a result.

In that case it wasn’t the end customer. All intakes were shipped back & our supplier had to pay to have them reworked.

Uhnfortunately in our scenario we are the end customer making this a much bigger deal.

Hopefully pimax has it in their contracts to recoup expenses in this fiasco. Everytime product needs to be reworked it increases tge cost to manufacture per unit.

Pimax will likely also now have added a new test in the process to test x+ cables now per batch. Due to not being able to trust their suppliers diligence.

Thanks for you feedback. Anyway, I didn’t have any feedback of Pimax or any of their member even sent an email to [alan.sun@pimaxvr.com]

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