[Replied]Backer #441: Cracks on 5K+ (SUPEN-1432)

Updated with support ticket number: SUPEN-1432

the support website seems to be down, so I’m opening a topic here in the meantime.
I noticed some cracks appearing on my 5K+ which weren’t there before, very similar to all of the other reports about cracks.

It was not dropped or hit, handled extremely carefully and I play seated games (simulators) 99% of the time, so no active roomscale games with controllers either. You can also see that at one place, the crack is forming from the inside, bulging outwards.

I’m also an early backer (#441) so it is possible this one is also from the bad batch.

Not sure if this is related, but compared to my 8K, this one has worse tracking: the viewpoint would occasionally jump and jitter as much as 10-15cm, easily noticable in simulators: the frame of the cockpit would jump around every few minutes 2-3 times. Extremely annoying and my 8K doesn’t do this in the exact same room, exact same seat. Maybe the sensors are starting to shift due to the cracks?

@anon74848233, @Sean.Huang, @Pimax-Support, @PimaxUSA, @PimaxVR - can you please take a look and let me know how to proceed?



Try to open ticket at support menu at the top of the web, you get old housing.

The support link doesn’t work for me… keeps spinning, then times out.

I cant believe Pimax uses a cheap plastic for VR headsets, so looks like this is the global problem of low temperature while forming.

Pimax, you have to contact your housing manufacturer ASAP.


please make a new support ticket with headset SN number to us. tks.

just updated with support ticket: SUPEN-1432.

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We will arrange a replacement to you.Sorry for the inconvenient

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Thank you!
Any estimate about timing?