[Replied and followed by Dallas]A Plea for Help

Hi there,

I’m kickstarter backer n: 3,761 and received my delivery mail from pimax more then a month ago (± december). I tracked the package all the way to my country (Belgium) And then all went to shit.

Apperntly DPD belgium had some issues with the delivery of my Pimax package. First it was stated that the address was not correct. For this i filed a change of address form with DPD with no response. I called support (after waiting 1.5 hour in wait) i finally had some1 that could explain the issue. We solved the issue and then it would be delivered the next day.
Sadly this was not the case. The package was stated as not delivered because i was not home (weird it’s a company address). So i once again filled out a Form as required by DPD with no response. I called the support again (now i only had to wait 45 min - yeey me) and explained i was not home, i said: weird i was at my company the entire day and +15 other coworkers. They planned the delivery again for the next day.
Sadly (again) i was not lucky, i checked my tracking and was stated as “wrong address” (again). Rinse and repeat i fill in a form with no response and call the support again (had to wait for 55min) and they explain the address is not correct. I ask why because i already called for this 2 times and get some weird half honest answer about a fault in the system. Now it is promised to be delivered on Monday (i called on a friday) and promises me that everything is okay now.
On Monday i receive an automatic reply that my package has expired it’s waiting duration and has been sent back. Again i call support for some help and basicly (demand) ask to how this could happen. I got some half honest answer again that if no changes are made on the package that it get’s send back to the sender. I ask for how that is because this is the 3th time i called. After more talking it appears no info can be found on the package since leaving the depot. Now i was met with silence and a response from DPD that i should contact Pimax.

So after a frustrating few weeks i contact Pimax support during the DPD debacle for some help. After 1.5 week and sending 4- 5 mails with no response i start to lose hope. Beaten but not defeated i create a ticket directly on the support website (maybe the mails got lost or stuck in a spamfilter somewhere) after i was told by DPD to contact Pimax. That ticket has been over a week now with no response.

To test i had a friend of mine make a ticket for support on his pimax , which they replied to in minutes. You can see my surprise since i have been asking for support for some weeks now.

Is there please any1 that could help me get in contact with some1 of pimax to solve this issue? The silence from Pimax does not inspire trust at this moment.

Thanks for reading
A very frustrated Kickstarter

TLDR: DPD failed to deliver my package and tried 3 more times. DPD Lied about everything and now my package is lost. I was Told to contact Pimax but i have had no response. Timetable is from Half December to now.


@Matthew.Xu can you help me?

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Check your private mail please. I have setup a pm to help resolve but will likely need to wait for team’s return to office on feb 11th.

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Man the frustration must be astronomical, good luck dude!


Indeed & the 2nd or 3rd time DPD creating a delivery issue. The 1st being delivering to a compost box.


I will follow this and contact with our logistic partner since tomorrow.We have to figure out what the f**k happened.

So sorry for the late reply and bad feedback from me. I will reply you if i have any progress


Yes,some solved but some didn’t follow after receive feedback,i conceive all be resolved properly but seems not

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DPD happened Dallas. DPD happened.

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wow… thats crazy.
So sorry for you man :frowning:

Did you receive the email from my colleague?

1.We contacted logistic partner yesterday,they will give us the feedback about this delivery.

2.We will deliver your package again after confirm the situation:a)if DPD made mistake we will deliver again b)if DPD didn’t change your address info,we will confirm the address to you and deliver your headset

Your headset will be OK.


Im in the exact Same Situation. My Headset got sent back and Im mit getting a reply from Pimax. In my Situation they even tried to sent me a 5k+ instead of the 8k I backed.

If I dont get an answer soon, Im gonna Open a new Ticket everyday until I get an answer.

Edit: got an answer from Support now :smiley:

Your headset back to warehouse,we resend address confirm email to you.

Please check and reply us for redeliver your headset @Peacekraft578

Can you send me your backer number;name and tracking number via private message?

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