[Replied]5k+ Audio, Mic issues and 3dof drift

Audio issues: cracking and sounds in one ear or another. Need to wiggle the audio jack often to get sound to work in both ears. Tried 3 diff headphones and all had the same issue.

Mic: The mic volume seem low and distorted. People in teamspeak can’t hear me during racing

Drift: Sitting in my sim rig, I ran the calibration through the PiTools. When I’m driving (static rig, no motion) I’m having to re-center every lap as I drift left or right. Anything I can to do fix this? (no lighthouses)

Do the audio issues require a RMA?

Backer or pre order?

Mic check windows mixer properties for Volume gain.

3dof use a compass or compass ap to check for magnetic interferance. One user had an unsheilded subwoofer causing his drift.

Preorder #1087.

Do I need to RMA to fix the audio port issue? It has a lot of free room wiggle in it.

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Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

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Will do. I’ll record the serial no tonight and submit the support ticket. I assume there’s nothing I can do to try and fix it?