Replacement procedure

Almost two weeks ago I was allowed to send my 5K+ back to the UK warehouse for replacement.

The email I got was sounding absolutely great, exactly what I wanted:

"We have received the request of replacement headset from you, and sorry for your inconvenience.

Now we have backup the headsets stock in UK warehouse so that we could send the headset from UK instead of Shanghai. It will be faster than before.

But before shipment, since you are located in UK also, we would like need your great support to return us the issue headset first. We could reimbursement the delivery cost by your paypal account."

I sent it on a Thursday.

Then after the weekend I get a message from my delivery agant saying the parcel was delivered on Tuesday. Woohoo.
An email from Pimax asked me to provide proof of sending the parcel and I was reimbursed almost instantaniously. Great!

Then nothing. On Friday I check in with Pimax to ask if they received my parcel Tuesday and if the replacement is on its way.

I get a reply next Monday:

Dear Customer:

Pls be kindly noted we have no headset in the warehouse right now, so we need to ship some headsets from SH to warehouse first.

Goddamnit, Pimax.


did they give you a time frame at all? thats such a kick in the teeth? can i ask why yours went back please?

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Via another route I got confirmation a new shipment has left SH to UK, so ‘delivery should come quickly’.

We’ll see…

My headset had a weird issue in the right panel where the bottom half jiggles a few pixels


i have the same problem i got it delivered parcel force proof whit signature
but uk wharehouse have not yet confirmed the package delivered. pimax got no respons yet over a week ago now…


So UK warehouse has their own people working and aren’t communicating with Pimax headquarters properly?


feels like there is some delay there yes its not hard to just confirm back to hq we got package x from customer y its put on que for for shipping back date xx …
or just everyone writing whats happening in the same supen chat .
uk wharehouse here we have package recieved.

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So did you get your refund for the return shipping fees of the defective unit and a new headset free of defect ?

Yes I did, yup, uhuh, true that