Replacement parts?

Is it possible to order replacement parts? Lens elements, facial interfaces (padding) etc?

Hi Piman, Sorry to tell you that there is no replacement parts on Gearbest now. We have plan to add, but the date is not fixed yet.

I would really like to have some extra paddings too!

If you want replacement padding just buy vive ones, I own pimax and vive and the vive ones fit just fine and actually feel better due to their shape and slot for glasses if you need it and they are thicker.


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If anybody need foam face replacement,I just got these, they work well with Pimax.
Pimax should have a extra one like these.

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Bought 3 pieces exactly the same on ebay. They were shipped pretty fast from china, and they work pretty good for the 4K. They’re on the big side though, but that also means they’re quite comfy. For about 4$ a piece, it’s a steal.

Will it be possible to change the cable for DisplayPort instead of the HDMI one, any plans in the future?