Replacement lenses for Pimax

Well as I’ve discussed before, since I am far sighted and wear eye glasses for reading, looking at pc screen, etc, I have had to add lenses on top of the Pimax lenses in order to get a usable focus. However I still need to wear my normal glasses. It works, but a bit of a pain.

I have considered having a special pair of glasses made just for Pimax and although I may do this in the future, I thought I would try a different approach.

So doing a bit of investigation into what is available in low cost google cardboard type vr headsets, I came across this one that uses Fresnel lenses.
No only that, but it comes with three sets to accommodate people like me and so for AU$40 I thought I didn’t have much to lose if my plan doesn’t work. So I bought one.

My plan is to remove the Pimax lenses and replace them with one of the sets of lenses from the cheap vr unit.

Since they come in their own holder, I’ll see if I can just remove the Pimax lenses and place the Fresnel lenses in the front of the Pimax HMD housing first.
If this doesn’t work out, I’ll see if I can fit them to the Pimax lens housing.

If it does work, being a Fresnel lens, it may even give a wider, flatter FOV?
Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Stay tuned.

Awesome find Luke. Have you considered Contacts or do they bother your eyes?

No I haven’t thought about using contacts. Good idea. I’ll see what I can find.
Might have to have a chat with the optometrist, but I will still try the Fresnels when they arrive.

Here’s a YouTube on the lenses etc.

Hey LukeB,
You are going to enter the door of diy world now.
Congratulations ~!
I have also tested several Fresnel lenses. Wearality products will arrive tomorrow. The products you choose will also be considered.
I’ll wait for the good news.
Oh, I have something to tell you.
Often, people who have attempted a complete disassembly have failed to reactivate. I think we should be careful with the sensor wires.
good luck.

Thanks crony,
Yes, I will be very interested in how the Wearality lenses work out. I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos about them but no real evaluation.
The more option we have the better.

My ones won’t be here for a couple of weeks so plenty of time to plan.

Whilst I have Pimax apart, I would like to see if there if there is any way to include some focus adjustment.
If that were possible, in my opinion, Pimax would be the top VR HMD on the market.

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