Replacement headset (5k+) not working, error 10600

Just received my 5k+ and can’t get it working. Error 10600 (hdmi/dp disconnected)…

Nothing of the following works:

  • Pitool 112, 129, 144 and 197
  • Nvidia drivers 431.60 and 441.20
  • removing extention cable
  • disable Nvidia virtuallink port

For each Pitool uninstall, I delete Appdata related folders, run a ccleaner registery fix and reboot.
It doesn’t work on windows 10 and windows 7.
Maybe a defective cable…

I wonder if I’ll be able to use a Pimax headset before next year!!!

Need help.

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Hi Korgen,

Can you raise a ticket on our helpdesk:

You will get online or call support from our FAE. Or you can provide me your order number and contact information so I can ask my colleague to support you tomorrow as today is no work.


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Thank you, MP sent.


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Nothing solved the issue, now waiting again for a replacement process.

Can someone give me a return label please, I don’t want to wait 7 more week to get a working headset!
I really need a 5k+ back before Christmas vacation.

Ticket #20518 following ticket #18523

@Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @Konger @Matthew.Xu

I will reply to you at ticket #20518, I will close this topic. Thank you.