Replacement cable for 5k xr

i need a replacement cable for my 5 k xr the website shows stock but only available for delivery to Australia
i have had one before with no issues on delivery

what gives now? why no delivery option to the uk?

thanks in advance


At the moment, the cable is not available for purchase on our store and only a few are left in the AUS FBA warehouse. We anticipate that the cable will be restocked in June and will be dispatched to the local FBA warehouse during the same month.

Pimax really needs to get on top of this. If there going to use proprietary cables they need to ensure there are available. As they know there Cables are more prone to failing it seems vs other hmds.

Replacement cables Stock should never be permitted to be out of stock.


all i can say is that its a good job Pimax make the cheapest / widest fov (currently) with the exception of the crystal or else i would be looking elsewhere for my next headset


this has been like this for almost a year, if not a year already.

it has been like this for both headsets and cables.
cant buy anything on their site outside of JP/AU…

That is horrendous and will deter ppl from buying any pimax hmd. if they can’t keep stock for a common thing like a cable.

But then again pimax still thinks a minimum required warranty period. With changing cable from 1 year to 6 months?

Hard to believe there aiming for even higher tier enthusiast customers with the current practices in place.

that is why i had a friend get it on ebay(a headset)…
and how i got mine from adorama…

We cant get cables or headsets on the site, and outside is overpriced…

but its scummy that they changed it to 6M instead of 1Y…
seeing as these cables are known to start crapping out after 6m…

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i agree too.

everyone that wants to make headsets are stuck in 2018…
we’re still stuck at 90-100FOV, and they think if we only upgrade the Res to like 1920x1920 and keep it 90hz its okay to warrant up to 1000$… no, no its not.

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Yeah the current 35ppd lenses only sports 103×103…However it is quite good according to reviews and almost.a $1000 cheaper than Varjo’s consumer hmd the Aero and you need not have to buy controllers, LHes and Audio.

So a lot of good pluses and with them working on slightly wider FoV lenses iirc it was guestimated during Seb’s Visit to bee about 10° wider which will get them closer to the advertised FoV with a bit of ppd trade off.

Which is a plus; just having easy swap lenses.

Well with the exception of og Vive, VP2 and Index. But yeah most are sticking with Low FoV to play it safer. While Crystal falls into that category with current lenses the Testers hace all pretty much said tge edge to edge clarity seems to more than offset that minor detail.

index is like 107 FOV.
and the Vive is not any better.

i would like to see a standard of at least a min 130FOV.
i think that is a sweet spot to hit(maybe the lowest 120).

i cant go back to lower FOVs anymore.
i had a OG vive, oculus CV1,Samsung Odyssey WMR.

and i loved my 5k+.

We need to standardized at least a min 120FOV(try to get to 130).
with HZ going to 120hz or higher.

Sure but much higher than Crystal with current 35ppd lenses and the Standalone capable hmds of Meta, ViveXR and pico.

I do agree that 120 pimax’s Small FoV is a good base target. But you need to have the clarity otherwise you have the Vp2 at 116 wide but the flaws make it less appealing.

Which is why it seems HTC went back to a lower FoV.

Personally I don’t mind the idea of the Crystal’s low FoV as the independent. reviews are very positive.

I have all Pimax cables for sale :slight_smile:


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