Reminder, Pimax forum has categories

Hi guys.

Since we gonna end up with another forum because here is a real mess I just wanted to remind you that this forum as categories.
If you want post about GAMES the place to do this is here →
About ACCESSORIES and stuff :
About ISSUES :

I do publishing some videos but I dont post them here (And they are all Pimax related), same for some 3DPrinted stuff (Pimax related also).
If everyone start to post just everything here, others section of the forum will turn deserted as this one get more and more messy.

Thank you.


That is the problem, people tend to post where the most of the talking takes place.


This is what it’s all about, it is a vicious cercle.


Isn’t that the wrong category?


lol yes sorry, pasted the wrong link ^^ Thank you, edited


Not just post but also read.

Maybe better system would be to have tags. Who does not want to see all can filter by tags. I for one prefer to have all in one place and just sort by most recent. The other categories I did not read in months…

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Yeah, Heliosurge is working on a new forum, let’s see if he and we as a community can make it work better.


Tags are also used. This thread has the suggestions tag for example… :wink:

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Forcing people to navigate multiple forums is a surefire way to drive away people. I hope whatever this new forum is it has a new posts section that aggregates everything.

If that is the way people want to use the forum that is fine, we just have to all agree how to use it, so we dont post elsewhere, where our posts will be just ignored.


There is actually that in your user settings.

But be warned only use Mute topic Categories or tags.

If you choose to watch them now. You may find a ton of posts to sort through. I tried it & had over 500 posts to wade through. :laughing:

One of the things will be to try & have some guides setup so folks know how to better utilize the New Forum better. I am still learning new tricks.

Now that being said we do need in the meantime try & put topics in the right Category. If you notice a topic is in the Wrong Categoty. Edit the title & simply change to appropiate Category. Anyone I believe has this ability. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: