Remap volume buttons

This question is two parts.

  1. Is it possible to remap the function of the volume buttons to something else?

  2. Is there anyway to have a single press solution, to recenter your view in VR. (Similar to how it works on the quest)

I know every game seems to implement recentering differently. But thats arse.

The convenience of a dedicated recenter playspace button is too good to be true.


A recenter option for general apps and gaming would be really usefull. :sunglasses:

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im surprised the quest is the only headset with this option.

i routinely game from various spots within my guardian, and its surprising what a pain re-centering is considering how often I need to do it.

Its obviously possible because when i stream to the quest the re center button even centers me in steam vr

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A lot of games have option to bind a recenter to controller. But aggreed an option to press button(s) on headset could be handier.

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