Released this year?

8k… . Released this year?

I would like to know too

that’s right, 8K will be released and shipped within 2017

The latest information about the 8K release has been updated on the Developer page and contains the following:

Pimax will launch 8K VR Kickstarter campaign on Jul / Aug, and ship the headsets to the backers before Christmas.

Is this plan determined?

right, here is the plan: Kickstarter - Q3 Shipping - Q4
the exact date is not confirmed yet.

Thank you. It is very useful information for those waiting for 8K.

Still unsure about the 8k if it is using the same lenses as the 4k. The ghosting on the 4k is one of the biggest bug bears for me. Obviously the adjustable IPD and adjustable lens position is good and the fact that the fov is larger is a bonus. And because it has a base station and controllers will reduce lateral drift (another bug bear for me) so some positives but the ghosting puts me off.

Will have to see independent reviews before I take the plunge


Pimax says “the next prototype with positional tracking will be available at the end of July. We will bring the demo to events and medias for feedback.”
At the end of July, Chinajoy 2017 will be held in Shanghai.
I guess Pimax’s end of July is Chinajoy 2017.

ChinaJoy 2017 - The 15th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference
July 27 - July 30
Shanghai New International Expo Centre

We should know the final specs by the end of the month then. Hope they get it right!

This is now not starting on.kickstarter until end of August, with a release date Jan-Feb

If it will use base station so HMD positional tracking will have no drift
If controllers will have no drift
If it will use better video interface with more bandwith (so we’ll shut PC supersampling and HMD oversampling off, and stream native 4K) (I think pimax4K image quality is good but there is no “too much” when you talk about quality)
If it will be with less ghosting (although it’s not a big thing for me)

then I’ll definitely throw some money on kickstarter.

No drift - controllers - better image quality and i’m in it.

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With the specs the 8K will have, I will definitely be buying it as a Christmas present to myself :smile:

I’m very, very happy they upped the FOV and the fps/Hz :slight_smile:

What about the filter? I find that makes some games too dark.

we have adjusted the brightness. you will get a better idea about the specs as we will start hands on reviews on Aug in US, Canada, and Europe

Would love to review but I’m in New Zealand =(

Give some to the top dogs on this forum to test.
These are the guys I will be looking to for an un bias review

that’s what we thought.
we would be more than happy to invite you guys to test the prototype.


Come on guys put your names in the hat.
I look forward to hearing about it.

It’s coming up to my 50th birthday and I want to put it on my prezzie list :grinning:

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Just send to @industria and @Sjef

And that would be perfect for us all.

These guys know how to review

No no no, definitely not me :slight_smile: I’ve seen much better reviewers here on the forum. I’m not making reviews, just sending my personal feedback time to time =))

I would be happy to test it :stuck_out_tongue:
But @Heliosurge or @Sjef or maybe @Enopho are my bets IF you want demo-models in actual 4K users hands.

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