Regional Artisan editions?

Is there any kind of “regional” editions of Artisan or it just random from shop to shop? I’ve bought my Artisan from official distributor of Pimax in Russia, it was said it’s a “bundle”, but…

Name: Pimax Artisan bundle with Vive controllers and base stations 1.0
What is included:

  • Vive controller x1 (separate box)
  • Vive controller x1 (separate box)
  • Base station 1.0 (separate box)
  • Base station 1.0 (separate box)
  • Pimax Artisan box:
    • HMD
    • base velcro strap
    • cable

What is not included:

  • Any kind of base stations mount (not even a screw) - unable to mount them out of the box.
  • Comfort kit?

::: They have two “bundles” - with Base stations 1.0 and 2.0. But headset is identical.

I think something is wrong.
There msut be some sort of mount kit inside a bundle, but there is none.
It was supposed to ship with comfort kit (face gasket) or it’s just miscommunication?

Btw, there is only plain old velcro strap, barely usable for my head. I’m looking into solutions.

Base stations, no mount or screws:

Base stations comes with US power adapter, but no EU (used in Russia):

edit: comfort kit clarification
edit2: mounting

You should have gotten the comfort kit and p4k headphones with the Artisan bundle, as far as Pimax official posts have said.

It was also advertised by Pimax that all Vision headsets come with the MAS and Pimax is still selling Vision Artisan headsets so there’s definitely a lot that could be said about that too, and adjustable strap/audio headphone are listed on the product specifications.

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@PimaxQuorra I suggest you send all artisan users a comfort kit as advertised, send people like OP who purchased artisan bundles p4k headphones and comfort kit as advertised, and if you continue selling the vision artisan model then make sure you include the MAS and comfort kit as you have advertised all vision models will receive (even on the product specifications for vision artisan it states audio headphones and adjustable strap but no one has received it yet …)

It is understandable there is some delay and confusion as a result of the virus, as long as these mistakes are avoided in the future (and fixed) and Pimax keeps to its words then Pimax could have a bright future.
If Pimax keeps throwing around excuses, justifications, denying, blaming and minimising their responsibility towards what they have said and advertised, and what they continue to advertise, then there is no future for them.

Hmm. This seems to be a custom bundle made by the Russian reseller/distributor, especially since the base stations are 1.0. Let me check with the team regarding this.


Could you provide the link to where its advertised as a vision headset please?

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@MarkD I posted in another thread and it just got shut down with no response, denied and swept under the carpet. Not really acceptable to ignore these issues when all customers want is some semblance of consistency.

Pimax stated all vision headsets will come with MAS and comfort kits and also stated that the vision bundle would come with p4k styled earphones.

Also stated in the January 2020 that all vision series headsets will have ruggedized housing and all new headsets will now have the same coating processes and materials said in the Artisan housing update last week:

Artisan bundle comes with p4k styled earphones

In this advertisement between 5:30 to 6:30 Pimax also stated that all vision series headsets come with a free comfort kit, modular audio strap and ruggedized housing.

Vision Artisan on the Pimax stores 2 1

Vision Artisan in Pitool screenshot 4

If advertising vision artisan on alibaba was a mistake then why is it still listed there in multiple places, and why is audio earphones listed under specifications if there is no audio earphones being sold with it?

“Vision artisan with comfort kit”

The same advertising graphic is in both above two links (the vision artisan and vision artisan with comfort kit ((i thought all vision headsets came with comfort kit??))) why has no one received the MAS with p4k earphones when purchasing vision artisans so far??



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It’s VERY rude of you to hijack someone else’s legitimate thread to troll :pensive:. I’ll stop feeding you now.

The Comfort kit is the face gasket and face foam. @sweviver said he will look into this reseller? With the team.

Cloth strap is standard. The p4k speakers are part of a deluxe kit.

@PimaxQuorra may also have details on this sellee.


Your thread was shut down due to posting inaccutate information as you know. Fingerprints are quite revealing.

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What innacurate information? The only inaccurate information is the following things which Pimax advertised:

  1. The claim thať selling artisan as a vision headset was a mistake, when Pimax has continued selling the artisan as a vision headset since making that statement and still has multiple listings for vision artisans online.
  2. That all vision headsets come with comfort kits, MAS and rubber housing when they don’t
  3. That the standalone vision artisan is advertised with audio earphones in the specifications and none are supplied to people who have purchased it via ali on these forums.

@MarkD You asked for proof and I supplied it. I didn’t think it was fair for moderators to close my thread without giving the opportunity for a decent answer to be provided besides just denial and minimisation of the problem and blaming, and a response is still needed to address it.

Also the issue I posted about is very related to @SATOS issue of not receiving a comfort kit with his artisan.

Looks like ojobonyomo and erezzz are the same person yet again.


For once, I think you could be right.

My “quick” fix for adding comfort, 7 hours to print on cheap 3d printer:

Those bolts though…need to design some kind of velcro attached foam.


Hey, I like this design! Especially the way the ratchet at the back clearly grabs from a lower position, reducing pressure on cheekbones.

Any chance you could design an adapter for this headstrap? With the MAS becoming available it is less needed, but it would still be fun to try.

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Actually, that was designed by different person for HTC Vive, I’ve just printed a STL file.

There is even a conversion mod for standard headgear:


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