Red Matter 2 pimax support

Has anyone tried red matter 2 yet? Red Matter 2 on Steam

Parallel projection? Large FOV? Performance?


Yep. No parallel projection needed large FOV working. 8kx.

With 3090 and intel12th gen getting 75fps at 1.0 pixel density on large fov. Performs very very well indeed.

Additionally, the index knuckles controllers are mapped to the hand-held device such that they match the 3d shape!


Great. I took the plunge and I’m getting 90fps pretty steady at 70-80% gpu utilization, though I have found areas that spike the CPU affecting framerate , but I only have an i5-8600k

Certainly the best part is it’s a fully finished game. No early access bologna.

what i like bologna sandwiches…:laughing:

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