Red/Dead Pixel - is there a way to fix it on the 5k+?

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased the 5k+ from the Aliexpress Pimax Reseller and it’s not even a month later and I found a red pixel in the bottom right corner. I’m having issues catching it with a phone camera because it’s off center to show support, and they’re telling me for “after sales support or exchanges” to contact the reseller, and that they’re only there for “technical support” - which is what i was asking for, but it seems they can’t help me.

Is there any way to fix a pixel that’s stuck red? I heard that it’s probably not a dead pixel, just a “stuck” pixel.

Also, keep in mind, this was for a Pimax Artisan that I ordered, got a 5k+ with blue housing instead, and the Serial on the box, serial on the hmd, and the actual serial number in pitools, are 3 different serial numbers, because someone mixed up the headset they put inside. Turns out it went in my favor, but now i’m at a wits end about what to do.

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Contacting technical support and submitting a ticket is an effective and wise decision, they will help you deal with and even exchange the goods, please trust them, thank you!

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I did that and they told me to contact the pimax reseller on aliexpress.

I think they want to determine your purchase channel and arrange RMA for you, right?

They told me it cant be fixed and to contact the reseller to try and get an exchange. This is pimax’s official reseller, why arent they doing an RMA directly? i cant get an exchange unless it’s agreed to at this point from the seller or from Pimax, because it’s past 15 days.

Being under a 1 year warranty, this should now be on Pimax’s warranty to do an RMA though.


You could try to use these videos to fix the issue.

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Ok ill try. How would i do it, through Virtual Desktop or some other programs better to use to watch these videos?


You can use Virtual Desktop but I guess SteamVR desktop view is sufficient. Just make sure that the virtual screen covers the hole FOV and switch off the screen saver.

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