Recording IL2 BOS on single screen?

Hi all, I am still trying to record some of my 4K gameplay in 4k! will be doing some DCS shortly… (i’m a complete noob flying though) but right now I am trying to record IL2 BOS on a single screen. the default for recording seems to be both eyes… cant seem to get it recording 1 eye or center screen.

I have tried the usual.
Using DXTory - Record one of these options:
either left eye only
or right eye only
or center only
this is DXTory targeting SteamVR mirror display.
but no matter what i record it comes out showing two screens? - i.e. i select left eye in display mirror… and in the mirror window i do indeed see my left eye, but when i check the recording created by dxtory the video shows both eyes?

I only really use DXTory for recording, and then edit my videos using Vegas Pro 15. anyone else have a suggestion on how to do this?



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I actually have this issue with DCS but not IL2.
Have to stretch image to half so one eye is displayed, just one little part of the second eye remains.

don’t have issues recording DCS on single screen?.. but i am a complete noob on that game!.. still learning how to fly!

will post a video of me crashing while messing about in one of the beginner planes shorlty…

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I’m having trouble as well. I can’t get Vr view to work to record in IL2- when VR view is on the screen, none of my controls work.
There must be a way around this- I feel especially dumb today.

Pretty sure @SweViver would have some insight.