Recommended Pitool settings

Hi, I know Sweviver and the others provided a bunch of recommended Pitool settings before shipping, but I’m aware performance and Pitool values have changed since then. I’m currently using a 1080Ti. I haven’t touched overclocking yet, but don’t really want to do too much with that until I’m ready to buy a new card if I kill it.

I just tried 1.5 Pitool setting and it made a HUGE difference when testing with a video, but I also had to drop in-app super-sampling to 150% to prevent it lagging. I’ve only tested with videos, the Blu and The Atlas Repair demo (as I’ve had to study for some exams). 1.5 was astonishingly sharp (I could read the text clearly even without my glasses)

My current steam SS setting is 200% (I know - stupidly high for Pimax, but this is the setting I was using with my Vive) with normal FOV. I wonder what sort of settings people have been using and found to work?


Which headset did ypu receive?

Myself i generally leave SteamVR SS on auto & adjust in game settings & sometimes per ap settings.

Fpsvr is great for fine tuning.


I went 5K+ in the end.

Ok, I’ll try to do that then and see how it goes. What Pitool settings do you use?

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Usually just pitool at 1.0 sometimes bump it to 1.5

If you go into steamvr changing pitool render will change SteamVR auto res in Video in settings. Switch to manual & it will tell you reccommended gpu. Ie mine at 0.5 say 140% & at 1.0 something like 42%

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What about 8K? It still require 1.5-1.75 minimum in PiTool or not? I remember this was recommended in some thread from Pimax staff. But maybe things changed since those times?

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