Recommended Computer Specs for Pimax 8k

What are the min / recommended computer specs for Pimax 8k ?


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This link will provide you with details.

Hmmm… The link doesn’t work for me. All I get is a “Can’t reach this page” message.

[update] It seems to be working now.

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the website appears to be down at the moment… they may be updating it at the moment

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Of course lol. Noticed a boo boo.

Cpu wise I5 min (probably haswell) with 8gigs Ram

There missing Cpu/ram & gpu listed as processor.

5k can do 90hz
8k atm stabke at 80hz

8k model accepts 2x1440p/eye upscaled to 2160p/eye


If we comparing specification from Vive/CV1 with Pimax8K/5K it is like you are running Pimax8K/5K without supersampling and Vive/CV1 with 2.4 supersampling. That is strictly comparing raw specification and compare it with a true mathematic calculation.

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GTX 980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano,
equivalent and above

You mean 980ti work? lol

The Pimax 8k is upscaling resolution. It’s not native. I’ve heard it’s like super sampling on 1.4 with the Vive but that might be inaccurate.

hmm im not sure what the deal is with ss numbers since they changed steam vr resolution to auto optimise. I will say that steam has set my vive resolution auto to a number just shy of the pixel count for 1440p per eye.

The default render resolution in steam 1.0xSS for the pimax8k is 4096x2657x2=21.8MP/frame. Source: DCS in Pimax 8K with GTX1070 - YouTube (at minute 0:9)

that number is the final resolution after upscale. if that was the original render resolution no single gpu on the planet could run it at 80 hz, let alone the 1070 in video, it would be the 8kX. the 8k upscales 1440p per eye, that is the cost at the gpu.

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No, its the default internal render resolution at SS=1.0. Its generally higher than the physical resolution of the hmd (pimax8k=1440p per eye) to have headroom to correct the distortion of lenses. For the rift and vive its higher as well.

I think we need something like asw (rift) or motion reprojection (microsoft).

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but a 1070 can barely hit 30 fps on witcher 3 on medium settings at 4k. let alone 2 x 4k at 3x fps. It only makes sense to me as the final output resolution because it matches panel resolution.

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In the following diagram you can see the difference between physical (=panel) resolution and default internal resolution @ 1.0SS for rift, vive, vivepro and odyssey: Supersampling ratios Rift vs VivePro (vs Odyssey & WMR) - Virtual Reality and VR Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum (the green lines).

The final output resolution at SS=1 is for all headsets higher than panel resolution.

what your chart shows, is that running the 8k should be as demanding as supersampling a vive pro at between 1.5 and 1.6

Can you explain to me how that is possible on a gtx 1070.

a 1080ti can drive a vive pro at 1.25 SS for comparison.

so it would also raise the question of what gpu pimax have in their machine that can outperform a 1080ti by 25 percent.

Problem is if they included brainwarp in their min spec…and then brainwarp is not ready by the time we receive the headset.

and yet we have video after video of it running games fine without it. so somewhere, some assumption is wrong.

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To push a vive pro to 22mp you have to raise even the steam ss multiplicator to 2.5…in all pimax video´s where you can see a 1070 there is no information about ingame settings and current fps in the gamescenes…

I hope I am wrong with my assumptions because i am a backer too :wink: Sadly my assumptions are based on an original pimax video

The prototipes M1 will not include Brainwarp, only the final product.