Recomended Rendering resolution of games

I was under the impression that you ran games internally at 3.7mpix and then the 8K outputted at 8.3mpix.

after reading about the GPU requirements of 5K and 8K, am i right in saying that you internally render games at 8.3mpix for the 8K, and just 3.7mpix for the 5K, or that you only need to go just over 3.7mpix for the 5K to look good, and with the 8K you need to get much closer to 8.3mpix.

I think your figures are per eye, So your totals should be doubled. The 3.7Mpix (2560x1440 per eye) is what Pimax declared as the “target” resolution. Then possibly add to that extra SS to enhance the image. I too have been struggling to understand how the work load seems to have increased since I signed up for the 8K. But I think without SS it is still what I state above and in fact is what it always has been except for SS which I think is an option not a requirement. Some say that SS will be more than a nice-to-have and they are probably right. We’ll have to see.

StreamVR says my system can handle (recommended SS) 5,079,888 pixels per eye which is about 1.4 x 3.7M so I’m hopeful I’ll get a fair image. But in reality my favorite game is a monster FPS eater and I’ll prob have to settle for less SS. Maybe Brain warp will come to my rescue!

Due to the need to correct the output for lens distortion (asymmetric stretching “lens matched shading”) SS is indeed required for acceptable display. More SS is better, but I think the minimum for Rift and Vive is about 1.4x. The 5K and 8K may need more SS for decent quality.

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There was a discussion in the other thread about SS. It is actually 1.7 for Rift and 1.96 for Vive (at default setting). The question is if for Pimax (5K or 8K does not matter), one has to increase the SS (compared to Rift or Vive) or can decrease it. There are reasons for both options and so far Pimax did not give a clear answer nor an indication.

What I wrote above applies to “5K target” and does not take into account the recent announcement from Pimax that 8K may need more pixels than 5K to compensate for scaler in 8K.

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Pimax’s statement is a bit puzzling. It may be that, since the 5K has fewer (larger) pixels, more SS provides negligible improvement (compared to the 8K), so a lower SS setting is fine.