Recieved 5k (Preorder) missing hand motion / corrective lenses

Hi! I am confused.

I ordered 5k with motion controller and they also announced that we would get free corrective lenses for those of us who use glasses. I only received the headset, no motion and there is nothing on the website about how to get the corrective lenses.

Before getting my headset I had emailed tech concerning how we are going to get the corrective lenses, there was or is nothing on the website to input my lens prescription! They only responded "Yes you will receive free corrective lenses with your order!

I’m lost :frowning

Hand motion module & prescription inserts not released yet.

What was your preorder number?

I received my preordered 5k plus today and I am also missing the corrective lens and the hand motion module. No explanation or packing slip in the box indicating why it was not included or when it would be shipped. I emailed support weeks ago asking for a ship date and that ticket has not even been looked at by support.

2 posts up has your answer. Not released yet.

Backers are still waiting on release dates.

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Are they prescription inserts ?, I though that it was just the frames.

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Yeah meant frames. Thanks for correction.

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It seams that [acmem] is thinking he gets the lenses as well, as he says “here was or is nothing on the website to input my lens prescription” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Definitely good catch. Wonder how many others think the same.


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Understood. Thanks for the quick reply!

Very confusing… when I ordered and paid the extra money, there was very little information on hand motion, etc. I have oculus and so far, have invested a lot of money on Pimax headset, possible hand motion, whenever it comes out, plus realizing that I needed to spend hundreds of dollars more on Vive base stations and controllers after headset had already shipped.

There was no details or description on the hand motion and let alone the promotion they were running concerning lens inserts or whatever they end up being.

I’m sure they are going through a lot of growing pains, new company, especially when the company is overseas, language and cultural barriers may play a factor. The headset I received is great! So, nothing more than to be patient. I am sure things will iron out and it can only get better!


LHes & Controllers was clear.

However if you have a psmove with ps3 cameraa &or xbox kinect consider checking out Driver4vt tge orogram is under $20.

But yes they need to work on making communication better. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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