Recent 8k Review from Tokyo

Maybe some of you have seen Eagleshadow’s review on reddit, but I’ll post it here for visibility.

The biggest thing that strikes me is that he experiences the warping and feels that IPD would not completely fix the issue. Maybe he’s wrong but from the description it does seem like a pretty substantial issue. He’s still backing because of the higher resolution but says that the vive and rift are better headsets at the moment.


Unfortunately there still showcasing the prototype from the tested review. As Eagleshadow mentions is that due to this headset’s ambition it will take a bit to get used to.

With Valve working on their OpenVR api hopefully the next prototype will yield better results with proper ipd adjustment & further software improvements on peripheral distortion optimization.

Hopefully they can get someone like Doc-ok to review the headset.

On the plus side Lucky Palmer seems to be impressed enough to want one.

And of course hopefully the next prototype can at least get the brightness/contrast at min. Between oculus/vive level of min 260lux (dble rift brightness but 130lux less tham vive)

But wont Doc-OK also be looking at this iteration? Pimax obviously believes the 8k is already pretty compelling, let’s hope they’re not demoing a flawed early version so they can shrug off any complaints because it’s not the ‘final’ version.


Doc-ok hasn’t to my knowledge tested any of the 5k/8k model as of yet.

His earlier article at the time of posting was not aware valve snuck some api changes in OpenVR.api

So i imagine both valve & pimax are working on making this work. With Starbreeze’s StarVR headset further validates the likelihood of success.

But til we have these headsets in our hands all reviews are somewhat second hand(not to dismiss professional reviews). It just always as they say see for ones self.

Doc-OK will be reviewing the current model later this week -

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Yeah noticed that in the comments. With his experience can likely offer ideas on improving the distortion for peripherals.

Look forward to his evaluation. What would be great is if th team can have the new prototype ready & let him checkout the before & after. This would show folks a good reference on improvements.

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Yea, a lot is depending on the reviews coming out now and if it looks like these problems are significant (no matter that Pimax says they’re not), then Samsungs new headset is looking pretty good, or maybe I’ll hold out for LG.

“The increased FOV was not as big a deal as I was hoping it would be. Might be because how binocular overlap is handled or because of need for more vertical FOV.”

Despite all that Pimax has said, what remains is that so far in reviews is an expensive product and below of what is expected by the price to be paid. I really hope that in future reviews (Before November 3) this will change, because you can not pay this price for something that looks dubious. My plan B is Sansung.

Truthfully withbtgem still showcasing the kickstarter prototype is not likely to have any of the fixes we need to see.

Lucky seems impressed but was he trialling the kickstarter model or the next 8k base prototype.

& how does it perform on desktop gpu compared to roadshow laptop?

Maybe, but Palmer hasn’t spoken publicly and all Pimax said was that he thought it was better than expected, which doesn’t say much without knowing what he expected, and that he wanted one which also doesn’t say much because he’s a millionaire who collects HMDs.

Agreed & he did work with an hmd team before splintering off & starting Oculus Entertainment.

Now Lucky has been reported to be supporting Revive with i think it said $2000/month.

I think best to let Doc-ok & Norm trial the before & after.

I have concern about this ring.
I see this on psvr too.
I am not sure that this problem come from lens border or screen seperator at the center inside the headset.

credit : CEATECでPimax 8KとLenovoExplorer他見てきた流れのまとめ - Togetter

There is dicussion on 8k vr club group on facebook.
He assume that issue come from wrong IPD for him.

The most I expected is not seeing snorkel mask effect anymore, so hope pimax will check this problem.

That’s really weird, I haven’t heard of that problem, is it different for each user? Norm from Tested said he experienced a ring effect, but described it as a “ring of distortion” around the inner lens.

From my experience I found 2 problem.

  1. May the ring is caused by lens border, it is happened when I am not focus on the screen directly, so may I can see some lens border sometimes. or may be it has thickness frame.

2. May the ring is cause by screen seperator,

This is my wearality and I have to create the screen separator for prevent looking image from other side.
If we can see the image from other side, it will be floated image on the left and right edge, so the black separator is important when we set low IPD, separator length is different on each headset, some people can see, but some people can’t.

I can see this separator easily on samsung gear vr.

Are people from Ceatec experiencing this issue on the 8k?

Yes this is his feedback.

He reply on kickstarter comment too.

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Aahh, it looks like a IPD issue which should be fixed in the final model, I wouldn’t worry about this, the warping is more concerning I think.

There will be a new prototype with fixed IPD on mid-Oct. More reviews coming up this week to show you what the prototype is like so far.
We didn’t experience warping on the edge, and the edge can be further improved with software fine-tuning.


I don’t know what is better between fresnel lens and hybrid fresnel lens (which using in mojing s1).

May be fresnel lens are needed for high fov, but we can see the spherical on lens when the screen is very bright and some tester found problem about bright at the center (overlap section).

I don’t expect that this issue can be solved easily because it is nature of the fresnel lens, but may you will consider and test about hybrid fresnel lens too. (But from my experience, the fresnel lens of wearality is clearer than hybrid fresnel lens of mojing s1, so as I have said I can’t tell that what is better)

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My concern is just the brightness. The warping sounds fixable, but the brightness will not be able to be fixed with firmware. And if a bunch of people who own vives and are used to it’s brightness the pimax will feel like they’re wearing sun glasses.