[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?

Just checking in to see if there has been any update for UK backers? I understand the last delivered batch to UK warehouse were used for faulty replacements. Has anyone from UK got their backed (not replacement) unit recently?


No nothing.

The last batch went out on the 29th. It takes 10 days to go from China to the UK and 2 days from the UK warehouse to your door. By my calculations that makes it Sunday 10th so don’t expect a delivery until Monday.

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Ok thanks, that most useful :slight_smile:

there are still thounds of HMDs that have to be shipped. Not all EU but i guess 2 days from warehouse is the most optimistic. The warehouse had to handle a lot and nobody knows how many workers they have.

Yeah it’s Friday night in Australia and still no tracking no so hopefully next week will be the week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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There doesn’t seem to be anything going out from the UK warehouse at the moment, DPD is waiting to receive my parcel since Jan 31.

Still waiting. I will be somewhat annoyed if pre-orders start to get theirs before I get mine.


Does anybody know what delivery company will be handling our headsets when they reach the warehouse in stoke? More importantly, will they be emailing us or just leaving it in the wheelie bin if your not at home? (Which apparently happened😨)


Has DPD bin? Yes, they have wheelie bin.


We don’t actually know what went when. We don’t really know when it left China or how long it takes.
We’ll probably find out sometime after the 11th that they are currently in Shanghai.

Some reports of the feedback to backers for the 8k reads like Benjamin Button…

  1. They are in the overseas warehouse you will receive tracking shortly
  2. They are still being shipped to the overseas warehouse
  3. They are about to be sent to Shanghai on (insert date)
  4. They have been built
  5. They are waiting to be built
  6. We are waiting for new screens…

i laughed out loud at this


reminds me of the time a Royal Mail postie threw a parcel through an open window and heard the splash as it landed in the toilet! Parcel posted through window before landing in toilet - BBC News



At least he confessed


No update but some :uk: backers hsve received hesdsets within this last week.

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Have they?
1298 here and zilch, nout,Just agonising nothingness :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I can’f remember names but did update there titles. Hopefully more receive soon.

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Thanks for you optimism :hugs:

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I reckon UK customs are playing VR with new Pimax headsets, we will get them when they are fed up with the new toys they seized lol

Well everyone deserves a decent escape from reality. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


18 days ago 2 Brits entered the EarlyBackers club, and I haven’t identified anyone else since then.
Rage4vr flynny75

Well this was as said within the last week. If you mean group? Some might already be in the group. Others will need to be added once Dallas & the team are back in the office.

I can only update titles. There has been a few Australians as well.