Received my 5k+ yesterday. Question about distortion and link box

First off is there any way to minimize the distortion at the periphery? I’m pretty sure I will get used to it, but right now it is very distracting and is giving me some mild nausea. I have tried using my VR cover, adjusting IPD away from the correct setting, moving the headset up and down on my face and none of those make a difference.

Regarding the link box, I’ve seen some comments on here stating that if you keep the link box plugged in you can still control base stations remotely, but it is not working for me. I am very used to my base stations turning on and off when I use Steam VR, and I don’t want to have to use an additional switch if not necessary.

I have the link box plugged in to an outlet and the USB cable plugged in to my PC, but Steam VR says that Bluetooth is not available. Nothing else has changed on my system in terms of Steam VR or Bluetooth settings.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with these issues?

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Congrats. Ipd & vertical placement helps. Most reccommend Normal FoV headset might have defaulted to large.

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I still havnt heard of anyone getting the link box to work properly with Steams power management. It was speculated that just leaving the link box plugged into the PC then it would turn off light houses but many have said it doesnt work with Pimax. Maybe get a remote like listed below until Pimax can focus on issues as this.


Thanks for the replies. I’ll report back if I have any success on either front.

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