Received my 5K+ today

…and I’m really happy with it! I’ve got no issues, like black dots, no dead pixels (as far as I could see right now) and the cable seems to be okay, no flickering.:grinning:

The FOV blew me away, it’s awesome! The SDE is slightly to be noticed, but hey, I come from a DK2, so this is more than one step forward and I don’t mind it at all. As for the distortions, I can just say, I don’t see them… As I said, I’m more than happy! It’s what I expected as I backed on Kickstarter!

Now I just have to find out which settings I should go with for my sims, AC and Raceroom. I just tried it out for an hour, with PiTool 1.5 and SteamVR around 60-70%. This seems to be a little to hard for my GTX1080, but with version PiTool .109 and Brainwarp it was quiet ok for me. Have to tweak a little bit around the next days… or buy a RTX…:sweat_smile:

The only problem I have is, that my second lighthouse is not recognized. One lighthouse is always found and tracking works, but if I turn on the second one, both lighthouses are not found, even the one that was connected and was tracking, disappears within PiTool and SteamVR… I will look into this the next days… but this is a software issue I guess, I’m just happy that the hardware, my 5K+ is without any fault!



How about the distortion, are you happy with it (or rather the lack of it)
I’m having some difficulties, I see the world warping up and down no matter what I try and thats really disturbing. Happy with the colors and the SDE though, but man, the objects (actually the whole WORLD) twisting like that… :see_no_evil:


Congrats! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

I think until Dynamic distortion correction with eye tracking. We still need to keep our eyes somewhat centered. But is closer to look where you want.

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Ok so it’s normal then.
Believe me Dan, I’ve been in this forum long enough to learn all the tricks and I’ve tried them all now, I get the center view OK, but warping or bending in the top and the bottom is so bad, now I know what @Sjef was talking about.
If this is what I’m supposed to have, I think I just better to get used to it.


I didn’t find any of them horrible except with straining my eyes in a particular direction. But is noticeable if looked for. Geometric distortion I believe @Sjef called it. But warping is normal in lenses when approaching the edges.

Yeah, that term sounds about right. Wondering if @risa2000 has a cure for that :pleading_face:

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weird that some of you have really bad distortions, like mightydodger i dont really have any either. just a tiny bit at the far left and right when using large fov, but i dont see them when looking forward


Up and down, the world gets distorted.
When I get the headset perfectly placed, the very center is ok, but in the top and bottom is twisted.

My ipd is 66.5mm, tried everything between 63-69

I’d rather take the blurry outside of the sweetspot as Vive has, than this.

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whats your ipd? …

mine is 67.5. did you try without a facepad?

If you strain your eye in a direction snd move your head you can see an object warp/distort curve around the lens.

But not fully natural to strain eyes like that. Bit depending on your ipd & depth of eyes to lens might notice it so to speak in the “corner of ones eye”

Truth you don’t see it on the vive but it is there. Just the outer edge of the lens is covered by a bezel.


…finally got it working!:smiley:


Thank you for adding me!:smiley:

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Try plugging in your base stations with sync cables, that fixed the base station not found for manh I believe.

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I just drove some laps within AC and Raceroom and teleported around in SteamVR Home and inspected the room… no distortions for me. Sure there will be some, but I’m happy for now, that I don’t see them. I measured my IPD myself, should be around 65-66. I want this to be checked by a optician, but as far as I know the IPD adjustment of the Pimax isn’t that correct, I think trying to set it to a value that is in ones range and feels best, is the way to go right now…

I’ll buy Skyrim VR and Beat Saber tomorrow. I’ll report back when I’ve this games a bit more. Can’t wait to walk around in Skyrim with some eye candy mods…:hugs:


I have no distortion issues accept with certain apps. With SkyrimVR I have no distortion and that is using large fov. Thats been my experience using my Pimax 8k 4 mo. now. Since lately I’ve been messing with VorpX using various settings z-adaptive, z-normal and G3D I experience different levels then of distortion, geometric distortions if you will. Last I hear from sjefdklerk most of his previous issues with distortion where solved by positioning the hmd. I know you said you have tried all the tricks this makes me question what game or application are you using because that to definitely can have a factor. As I said I have no problem with distortion playing games like Fallout 4Vr and Skyrim VR and other apps. So I don’t think that you should accept it, I’m guessing if you don’t have a terrible face deformity or protruding eyeballs you will find a solution. Well, best of luck anyway.


I don’t have the sync cable, as I don’t have a Vive, just bought used lighthouses. I’m new to this, so perhaps it was my fault. I dialed one lighthouse to ‚A‘ and one to ‚b‘. This didn’t work, so I tried to setup the ‚A‘ one to ‚c‘ and it worked right away…

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I have no distortion/warping at all on my Vive Pro. None.

Hehe yeah you can get somewhat used to it. But to me it remains the biggest downside of this HMD.

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TBH, me neither on the Vive OG. Just the blur.

It seems to be the dealbreaker for me too, I’m happy with the SDE and the colors and even the black levels, I was expecting a lot worse. @Sjef check the new Pitool+FW update, is the distortion any better? Also, I noticed in Oculus games (just tested Lucky’s) it seems to be better, if thats possible.

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