Reasons to consider 5K+ as the Pimax flagship instead of 8K

Hi there

First thanks to our testers/reviewers. You have done an AMAZING job!

Why opt for 5K+?

-GPU hardware available now/near future
Resolution and good framerate is achievable RIGHT NOW for 5K+
SS should even be possible for 5K+ with next gen GPUs (i.e. input signal >1440p @90Hz, while SS through upscaler in 8K WILL have a LIMIT ; 5K+ could have a better anti-aliasing when input will be SSed)

-Overall visual-like performances (my eyes won’t tell me the difference between few percentages, and most of people won’t have access to both headsets to compare side by side!)

-More people will be able to afford VR next-gen experience
Pimax will earn more money thanks to better pricing / reviews, hence be able to pursue further improvements (8KX, looking at u)
VR becoming more mainstream

From a VR enthousiast, and BACKER in this Kickstarter project viewpoint, I feel 5K+ is the way to go for now and future of VR, while 8K seems imho high-end tech but eventually dead-end.

Now, from a BUYER viewpoint, what will you do?


As a backer right now 5k plus is a no brainer. However I want to wait for swevivers initial 20 series review impressions before I ink any documents .


5k+ as well, not becouse of new YT rewiews but 99% of my decision is based of Berlin imressions with units…


Well if wasn’t a ks backer would wait & trial both at a vr experience center & ask questions. Make a judgement based on info & preference. Would ask attendent not to tell me which is which when trying them out.