Realmax Qian AR/VR headset

I have not tested it yet.

I am wondering if anyone else backed it same as I did.


Looks interesting what are specs and features?

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These are the specs as stated to be on their page.

Is there a way to confirm them now that I have the headset?


There specs are a bit vague on res save saying 2k. Looks interesting though.

Might be to early for my brain yet. On Kickstarter you can confirm you have received though best to wait til you have everything.

I meant that I have the headset here home with me. They already have shipped it to me. But i have no idea how to confirm though that the specs they mention are being true.

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Here you find an unboxing of the device by VoodooDE. Sadly the device was damaged during shipping (looks like the LeapMotion mount is broken).


Ah okay. Well with it having Android you can likely install Aida64 and other similar hardware profiling programs.

Yes saw that video. But he did not test it. I am on the same boat. I have opened it but not tested it yet.
Nothing was broken for me.

Not understanding why 1/2 of the lenses has this black cover over it

Also the menu appears in chinese and the view is blurred somehow and needs ipd adjustment that we can set up in the headset .

I wish they would have shared a video for the 1st setup rather than a manual

I’m reading “说明书-中英版本-完整版” on Scribd.


I completely agree with this review.

I wasted money backing this headset.

The way it is right now, it is complete garbage


I am so glad having listened to my gut and having canceled my pledge before end of the campaign. What a ripoff.


Good decision you made

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Heh, just realised I’ve heard Voodoo’s frequent incredulous little: “Hah!”, and generally friendly tone, elsewhere… :wink:

Sorry to hear Marco. (Choosing a winning horse not always easy) Noticed Katloco now offering an Upgrade for $89 :us: plus shipping them back the KS Katloco. To get an improved Katloco S model that had some good advertised improvements to it’s earlier release.

Might bite. Though unless it’s offering Mocap… Overall so far your project I think holds a lot more promise.


Hi! Yes. Thanks!

Heard about the katloco and already requested for the upgrade but i still think the arduino based custom locomotion has some advantages over the commercial ones :wink:

Review of katloco S does not sound that promising

On another note, the Dream Glass 4K Plus should be here next week. I hope those at least will be ok


Dreamglass 4k is decent for what it is. In my xp I didn’t have the double vision described in Qian AR/VR Hmd.

Though I wouldn’t use this as a VR alternative. But does have some decent features. It comes with Big Buck Bunny(free Blender Movie Cartoon) in 3D! Nice family friendly movie that requires no Subtitles regardless of language.

I only have the Base model.

@Raujok received the plus model and a good resource.

Picture is clear in my xp. Haven’t tried it with hdmi or android games yet.



The curiosity I have of the dreamglass 4k, is with its input for displaying console gaming (and nom vr pc.gaming) in it and my interest would be to mimic vr like gaming for non vr games same as i did on the quest.

I hope pimax could add the locked virtual screen feature in its virtual desktop application (if not already implemented) and the control of the pc mouse via the pimax headset headtracking system. Same idea is to use it for displaying on the pimax console games or non vr games and play them in a sort of vr style environment, while using also the custom locomotion system for moving in game while playing accross the play area


With Dreamglass to fully isolate outside environment from what I have received with the blackout shade would still have need of a mask so to speak as the lenses sit away without anything to block view looking downward.

Now with setting brightness without using the blackout shade it would definitely be decent for example following along say a diy cooking show as you could follow along while watching along with other similar type projects.

The Plus definitely may help with additional potential uses.

Not sure if with hdmi input if it can be seen as a 3d monitor or not. If so could have some nifty uses.

@Raujok might have some info on this.

Note Raujok notified me he only upgraded to the Standard DG 4k model not the plus.



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