Really bad experience with Pimax so far


Ordered a Pimax 5k+ two weeks ago, thinking (hoping) that the issues people had with support, replies and the general quality of the communications and interaction with Pimax were just isolated bad experiences. I also have a small company that develops and sells consumer electronics, so know that a bad customer is more likely to complain online than a happy customer. Seeing how Pimax were a small company trying to take on the giants with what looked like a fundamentally really good product, I was sold. How naive of me.

The initial interaction through emails has been quick (as it always happens with shady companies when it’s about getting a customer’s money), although, in hindsight, alarm bells should’ve been ringing because of the total lack of transparency on the website. No address for any of the offices (understand now there’s UK, China and USA), no phone number, no company information. But somehow, my brain, being in “let’s help a fellow small company out”, missed all those signals and even though, I was a bit bothered when I found out that they’ll throw discounts at you to get the sale (those 30/50$ vouchers), I was still very much dying to get the unit and be amazed at what Pimax have achieved.

Shipping to my country took almost a week and I got it this Monday. 1-2 days after, the summer sale starts. At this point I already ran into the issues that everyone mentioned and which I hoped they won’t be that bad. They are. At my low IPD (62), the weight of the headset pressing on my nose through the lenses makes it really really uncomfortable. Bought a Vive VRCover replacement foam, but that’s still to small and at this point I can’t get the headset to be as comfortable as I’d like it to be without some DIY. But I didn’t pay 700$ for DIY when I can get a Valve Index for less money, with amazing sound, proper headstrap and a proper company backing it up.

So I messaged support asking if they would at least reimburse me the difference between what I paid for it and the summer sale price. I also saw this as a way to test how quickly they reply to issues and if they do any effort to keep the customer happy. We run into similar issues at my company and we always choose to reimburse the customers simply because they can easily return the product within the 14-days allowed by the UK law and we’d end up with a used product that we can’t sell and an unhappy customer. And rightly so.

I’ve emailed them on Wednesday and got a reply from Sally Huang. I won’t blame her, I’m sure (hope) she’s just following company culture here, but the interaction has been absolutely horrible. To the point that instead of wanting to get the same price as the summer sale (at least), I just want to return the headset and never hear about Pimax ever again. Why? The first reply was filled with blatant lies about how I can’t return it if it’s unpacked and used, how I’ll need to pay for a return fee (besides shipping it back at my own cost) and how it says so in their “sale policy” (it doesn’t). Not to mention that the website breaks a pile of EU laws by not asking you to agree to the T&Cs before ordering and their data privacy policy is an absolute joke. Both infractions potentially resulting in millions in fines. So either Pimax trains their employees to try and con customers into believing they have no rights after paying 700$ for something without being able to test it or said employees have no direction from above and just act on their own ideas.

For two days I keep asking about the return address and full instructions on how to send it back (I anticipate a lot of aggravation there as well), but, in true Pimax spirit, there has been no reply back. Probably hoping that I’ll give up.

I have had a bad experience aswell. I cancelled my order before it even got sent out. They have cancelled the delivery so they must of seen my ticket. However no word of a refund. It’s been over 3 days now and not a single reply.

I hope you get a response from them soon.

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Pretty sure I have read that very name before in connection with terrible service. Like you I tend to think it kind of company endorsed cause after various complaints she still here.

Right now Pimax service is terrible and maybe that flies well over in China…it wont in the rest of the modern world IMHO.

There is office Addresses published for US & China (US office address posted in this forum & FB).

I am a volunteer here. Did you purchase on pimax site or Amazon in EU?

But any way will setup a pm 4 you with pimax employees.

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It’s primarily the lack of timely communications hurting them. My headset was RMA’d 3 weeks ago and despite the replacement being ‘sent’ over a week ago, the FedEx tracking ID just says that the shipping label has been printed, and it will be updated when the item is on it’s way.

Since then I’ve sent several updates asking for information, but got nothing back…

I’m a big boy now, if there’s a problem, tell me. If you’ve messed something up, let me know, I can take it and will be much more forgiving. Ignore me however, and I’m going to become pretty upset and start telling everyone else about the poor experience. Case in point.

I loved my 5K XR and the minor cosmetic chips were just that, but they requested the RMA and leave all of the packaging and shipping up to you. I’ve also asked repeatedly during the process about their new support offer of paying a refundable deposit to have a headset shipped immediately whilst you return yours and similarly had that question ignored too…

I am getting close now to just asking for a refund…


This is why I paid significantly more than I could have got it (with a nice discount code) to get it via Amazon.


Yeah atm Amazon does make things easier while they are working on main customer support channel.

Things are improving but not there yet.

I have a similar problem with poor communication from Pimax support.
I have sent numerous emails to support requesting an update on my ticket and have had NO response.
My RMA was received last week and not a word from Pimax support.
I don’t think it’s too much to ask to get a response considering I spent $899 US.

She replied to my initial queries as well and was really helpful. I can empathize with the position support staff are in, they need to obey company guidelines while trying to keep the customer happy as well. Also not having native English speakers in the support staff will hurt them, especially with conflicts like these, where the tone of the message needs to be perfectly dialed in.


Thank you, much appreciated!


Indeed & often we will inject perceived tone based on word choices used. Which with using translation software might not choose best intended words for intended meaning.

When I use google translate I have to have faith that it doesn’t butcher things.