Real calendar for shipments?

At the moment Pimax said that is sending the first 100. They want to send all or nearly all before Christmas. How is it possible with only 100 at the moment? How many are they going to send in October for example? We need some dates every month otherwise we are completely blind just waiting. Thanks.


When they are ready

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the next century… 20 characters

Xunshu said next week, so next week it is.

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Next next week? Was it the next week that is this one?

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No that was last week :yum:


10 print “next week”
20 wait 1 week
30 goto 10


Don’t be so basic in your thinking. Surely it can’t go in an infinite loop :stuck_out_tongue:


@deletedpimaxrep1 UPDATES PLEASE. More and more lies about the shipment now… :disappointed_relieved:

This is par for the course for Pimax. Nobody giving updates when they fail to meet their own schedule. A simple update with, sorry folks we had to delay, or they were shipped to our distribution centres and tracking will be provided from there.

Just nothing and that leads to people making their own news and begins to piss people off.

Maybe when they are on national holiday they are not even allowed to log on to the internet. :smiley:

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Althought Xunshu team can be working, the shipping companies are probably closed. So in my opinion, the HMDs are all packed and ready for dispatch, just waiting pick up for the freight next monday.

Im eager just like everybody else, but i have some experience (Dk1, DK2, CV1 and Vive and then Odyssey) in waiting, so i diagnosed myself with SKAS - Severe Kickstarter Anxiety Syndrome. Which require 2 hours of meditation each day to treat.



I go on long walks. It does help some.

I hug my kid. We cry sometimes but love overcomes


They are ramping up production, they talked about it in the past. First shipment 100 units, second 700 units, etc.

Yeah but…they havent said if per week or two weeks or by month… . My bet its per 2 weeks…

My method is heavy drinking OR working. 24/7 drinking or 24/7 working. Time flies.

Try both (with 20 chars)

That would be considered illegal time travel

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