Razer Hydra Controller Issue

Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a Razer Hydra motion controller set, but I’m having one hell of a time getting them to work. When I got the controllers I took them home and hooked them up, then installed the drivers that I downloaded from Razer’s website. I realized steam requires you to install a driver (made for the controllers by steam) so I installed that as well.

Everything goes fine with the controller setup until the end. I’m able to calibrate center by pulling the triggers, I’m able to calibrate floor by setting them on the floor, but when I go to draw out my play area things start to get crazy. What ends up happening is when I get to the end of the cable’s reach to define the perimeter of my play area the controllers start circling wildly out of control. So much so that I can’t successfully map out my play area. Has anyone had this issue? I’m thinking some other piece of software is interfering with this, because the controllers work fine outside of steam. Since I cant finish the room setup I cant use the controllers at all in Steam. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Nick, differ from VIVE, Razer Hydra does not need to map out the play area. You just need to select “STANDING ONLY” of Room setup of SteamVR or select quick setting of SteamVR. Good luck.

In short:

The Pimax does not support positional tracking and standing/sitting experiences are expected for now.

How to configure razer hydra for steamvr, recognize drivers

How to pair hydra with steamVR

You need to download the razer hydra drivers for steamvr first in the tools location. Make sure to use seated/standing and not room scale.

Thank you Grito, it worked perfectly