Random Pimax 5K+ Shutdowns and Pixel Storm

So, after receiving my replacement unit due to the screen not turning of as discussed in https://community.openmr.ai/t/issue-starting-pimax-5k-screen-does-not-turn-on-led-red-solid/11977/

I got a replacement Unit. And It works to some degree after I did yet-another-clean-install.

It seems like the old unit works too with the new unit’s Cable. Both Displays are seemingly in good, no-dead pixels way, and it seems the major issue was with the Cable that came with the old unit.

However, I did pay Paid 3.5% Import duty and 24% VAT for the replacement Unit, with the 8k KS prices (for 5K+ unit) so a bit peeved in addition to dealing with these issues. Since I did not get any Order Confirmation replacement slips regarding it after asking for it for a few days.

But now I have a NEW Issues of which, one makes my Pimax (and the replacement one I will eventually return) unusable:

  1. There is a rgb storm on both panels, on both headsets that ranges from subtle to not-subtle depending on the environment, this doesn’t make it really unusable, it is an annoyance. Seems to be a common cable issue. I feel like they may not be shielding the cable sufficiently.

  2. Swapping Parallel Mode or rebooting the headset causes it to become “unrecognizable”, requires me to restart my entire PC after: A major annoyance. Will probably make a script to restart the Pimax services instead.

  3. Random Display shut downs combined with Critical Loss of Tracking:

While playing a game, the display suddenly turns off, and the games lose tracking. This takes about 30 seconds to a minute before this occurs. I could watch the Pimax Screen or SteamVR Home seemingly without issues (I need to test longer times).

Once Screen turns off, the headset loses all tracking of the lighthouses, but slowly starts to lose its position, until it becomes a mess as each movement of the headset to spiral into a mess. This could indicate power supply issues, but, I also got an alternative power supply I know can output stable current at the headset specifications, eliminating that as a variable.

I have tried all the usual “steps” everyone keeps suggesting, double checking settings, trying new ports, which ever.

It still occurs for all.

Both the Original Received (with the new headset’s cable) unit and the replacement unit does this. The old Cable was simply DOA

Support ticket is still on the old ticket, SUPEN-695. No response from Support on the new issues (mostly regarding the import process) that have happened and gone through for a few days.


Hi,sorry for the late reply.
Do you mean both of them have the display suddenly turns off issue?

Yep, This occurs specifically when playing any VR Game.

When the Pimax Space or the SteamVR Home screen it does seem to not occur, but I need to test it longer on them.

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Thanks for your feedback.
Please test it longer on them and let me know.

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Should I create a new ticket regarding the new issue?

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No need,you can reply to the old ticket SUPEN-695.
We will get the information from it.

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@park recently showed adding a clip on ferrite core emi/rf filter to the display cable. This might help with cable sheilding.


I responded to you on Reddit but here it is again for others to see:

I had the random screen shutdowns when I plugged in my wheel/pedals and shifter. It’s probably the Pimax not getting enough USB power.

What works for me is plugging in the Pimax headset USB to the Vive LinkBox, because it’s basically a 1-port powered USB hub. Then the linkbox USB to PC. So keep the linkbox plugged into an electrical socket. Unplug the Vive headset’s cables from the linkbox. I am not plugging the Pimax power cable into the linkbox, just the USB. Before I tried that, I spent hours trying different USB ports with some better results, but eventually I’d get the problem anyway.

Alternatively, an actual powered USB hub should work.