Raising the Linux Question / OpenVR

Ok, given the moves Microsoft is making shoving AI and 3 second screen grabbing down our future throats and given US Big Techs attitude to China - isn’t it about time Pimax thought about Linux Support?

I am now running Manjaro Linux dual booting and I have Steam installed on Manjaro with SteamVR, OpenXR and Ill2 Great Battles which is my go to VR sim. SteamVR sees the headset and lighthouses but there is no image on my 8K-X.

Il2 runs under Proton in 2D but not in VR.

The missing ingredient is support from Pimax for the 5K/8K/8K-X and Crystal headsets. Could we please get something happening in this regard or at least help the OpenVR Devs get implementation going for Pimax Hardware.

Much appreciated.

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Wow lots of activity here.

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