Radio silence for 4 months and counting - @SweViver and @arminelec MIA

It was mentioned in another discussion, but I find it so worrisome that I open a dedicated thread: For 4 months now (since mid April), both @SweViver and @arminelec have not posted anything, especially not about Pimax Experience. Their last posts did not indicate any longer absence.

My understanding is that PE is a crucial component that makes Pimax headsets usable for noobs like me, and it showed great potential, but is far from finished. I am still waiting with firing up my 8KX and was looking for posts that attest PE a more polished state. But 4 months without any development or posts give me a bad feeling.

Did I just not get the memo, and everything is fine? Or should we be worried? Does anybody knows anything? @PimaxQuorra ? @PimaxUSA ?


I don’t know what’s going on with them at the moment but PE is already in a very good state and there is absolutely no reason for you to not have fired up your 8KX because of waiting for it to get more polished. The big thing that everyone is waiting on from PE is the IPD guide, but it is already in a very good state for use as it stands now.

I agree that not hearing anything from either of them after all of this time is concerning…but don’t let that keep you from using the 8KX now. You are wasting valuable time!


In this post @PimaxQuorra wrote:

New updates are coming to the popular Pimax Experience software. Please follow the thread if you don’t wish to miss out any latest updates!

I keep checking…


It is a bit weird. I know @SweViver had a baby recently so that might be why he has not been active.

@arminelec on the other hand … not sure…



I’m not all that surprised. As far as I can tell, Arminelec has been working on PE for free. In other words, he hasn’t been paid for the work that he has done and is not going to be paid for the work that he’s doing. On top of that, he got pretty slammed on the ‘profiles’ bit and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if his enthusiasm has waned considerably. My bet is that it’s at a stage that either Pimax can pay him or he will take his sweet time. Can’t say as that I blame him.
Then add Pimax to the equation: they seem to be doing absolutely nothing on improving their end of the software. If I were Arminelec, I’d be onto other projects by now: if Pimax doesn’t care, why should he?

Sweviver, on the other hand, is being paid. I believe he was the one who actually ‘promised’ us an ipd tool. However, between his new child and the fact that Pimax has a customer relations nightmare on their hands with the ipd, his efforts have likely been redirected to sales and marketing in other countries.

The customer relations nightmare is that it seems that Pimax is lying about their ipd settings and their “flagship” headset is not capable of going under 63 ipd. If they admit it, they’re screwed but they also can’t put out an ipd alignment tool without making it very apparent.

So I would say, don’t get your hopes up on any updates. Use what we have now and enjoy it: Arminelec and Sweviver did a pretty good job already!


So much headache could be saved for Pimax if they just come out and tell people when they are having an issue with a feature/setting. Just tell people. You may get a bit of flack, but it will be way less than just letting people simmer, and be alone with their own thoughts.


The PE is ‘not’’ an official product from Pimax?

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All this could be fixed by making it open source as it was promised. It doesn’t matter if it’s still rough, the community can do the dirty work as well.

Just for the record, PiTool was also promised to be open source


I still cannot believe they signed off on a headset that cannot reach the correct IPD for almost half of humanity. The average IPD for humans is 65. Mine is 60, and at no time can I get both eyes in the sweet spot.

They deserve this nightmare, it was an astronomically boneheaded move on their part to begin with, and lying about it has just made it worse for them.

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As Vrgimp27 said, they’d save themselves so many problems if they’d just come clean and explain their screw ups (and then fix them), but they just keep doubling down on playing stupid games. As if silence will fix it… Some people just will. not. learn…

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You’d think it would be, wouldn’t you, but no, it’s something put together by one of their fans and they don’t seem to have the decency to either pay him or assist him. But they sure like to use his efforts!!!
Edit: I need to point out that I do not know Arminelec and I’m doing some ‘as s-u-me-ing’ and reading between the lines here. (For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s a saying in the US, and possibly elsewhere, that when you assume something, you make an ‘as s’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ (note that the forum does not allow putting the second ‘s’ in there without the space). In other words, you can get into a lot of trouble assuming things, like I’m doing here)


Believe it or not, four months or so is not a lot of time in the life of a software developer as capable and busy as arminelec or SweViver. PimaxExperience shows both those two are in that category of people who can put their heads down on a major project, and not look up until it is done and time to move onto the next problem to solve.

As much time as they put into PimaxExperience, there really can’t be too much doubt both arminelec and SweViver both ended up with a backlog of other things they just had to take care of promptly.

And oh yes, a new baby is definitely going to demand some attention. :wink:

I can tell you with 100% confidence that the headsets are workable for at least some users with 60 IPD. At ~58.5 IPD, software IPD adjustment becomes necessary, but it does work. Part of the problem may be the distance between eyes and canted lenses varies with face shape - eyes closer to the canted lenses will perceive a wider minimum IPD.


While this is true, it just seems odd that they would no longer be responding to any communications anymore. Before they were very active with the community while PE was being developed. Just seems that more is going on.


Actually, SweViver especially seemed to drop off for a while occasionally, and seemed to drop off for longer amounts of time while working on PimaxExperience.

Forums, Discord, none of these services or software seems to have the features readily available to help such people filter and notify specific messages across multiple channels they are actually interested in. It’s hard to stay active in the discussion at all sometimes without getting ‘dizzy’ figuratively speaking.

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Why not oculus did?

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This isn’t entirely true. PE was created and released by sweviver by himself while he was an employee of Pimax. As such Pimax owns PE. Arminlec came on and volunteered his assistance to sweviver much later , and has been instrumental in developing it since.


It is.
I have heard that they didn’t go open source on PiTool because they did steal parts of the code, as claimed in the past by certain someones. Don’t know if that is true or false though.That’s the irony, if it’s not open source.