Racing/driving recommendation

Hi guys,

Which racing/driving game would you recommend with PIMAX&nolo ? I have a nice wheel for racing. Asetta Corsa or Project Cars or any other

Thank you

Dirt Rally without a doubt. I havent touched Project Cars cos I much prefer DR.

Hey do you need revive for dt?

Raceroom is free with in ap purchases

Sorry, I didn’t get when you said

So even if I don’t use any head tracking (nolo) would
It be ok to play dirt rallay with Pimax?

Okay folks. Kinda @ wits end.

Finally downloaded Revive.

As it stated
1)downloaded & installed Oculus home (skipped 1st time hrdware setup)

2)Installed Revive
3) right clicked tray icon chose patch, chose dirt rally exe in steamapps dirt rally directory.

4)Steam theater disabled.

Dirt Rally will not run. Once in awhile comes up missing vulcan-1.dll crashes right away.

Prior to revive believe had it running once or twice. Now complete no go.

Anyone guide me on what i am doing wrong please.

Should work if you followed the other thread. You seem to have done everything. Maybe OC Home is to blame. Reinstall?

Will give that a shot. Does OC home need to be closed before patching/running steam DR?

No, once setup all you have to do is click Dirt Rally in SteamVR.

What about the strange vulkan-1. Dll not found?

Never had that issue. Does it refer to the graphics api? Graphics driver problem?

Could be but w10 doesn’t seem to support vulkan more or less

I use win 10. Vulkan works for me. But Doom is the only game I know of that uses it. DR too?

Appears so DR is complaining its not there