/r/vive subreddit is actively stopping discussion about Pimax

I tried to make a post on /r/vive linking to a Pimax 8K update post, and the subreddit’s automod took it down:

Their reason being that “help start a discussion on /r/vive and be seen as an opportunity to address the community here.” which is fair enough, but personally I’ve seen that posts will get more attention there if they just directly link to the content.

Soi I messaged the mod team explaining that this doesn’t actually encourage discussion, it infact stops it, ands they replied with this:


So, clearly the mod team is actively stopping and dissuading conversation about pimax from happening on the sub :confused: Perhaps /r/vive isn’t the best subreddit to discuss pimax and all things SteamVR anymore, and reddit discussion should be moved to /r/SteamVR or /r/virtualreality

I made a post about this on /r/Vive saying pretty much exactly wht I said here

And in response the mods have banned me from participating in /r/vive

This is lame. Most people interessted in pimax are the same people who where interessted in vive back then. I really don’t understand why they act that way…

childish to ban you from there

I’ve been on r vive for two daily years. It’s not like that. They’ve been really cool about pimax actually and are pretty laid back usually.

I disagree that they are actively stopping discussion about Pimax, they are actively stopping r/Vive from becoming a board of just links to threads on other forums. That does foster more discussion, not less; if people came here to read the details, they would be less likely to return and discuss on Reddit. For example, the r/Vive thread about the Kickstarter passing $300 million got over 200 replies so far, with a score of 393, and that wasn’t just a link post. It didn’t need a link to this board at all, though you could have just made a text post with a link in it if you really wanted to get around the limitation.

And the ban seems appropriate, you made an accusational post about moderation, taking a mod disagreement public, after they made their policy clear and their reasons behind it. That will get you banned from just about any forum.

I also don’t think there is anything hostile there. Already r/vive is spammed with every single little piece of news and simple links just encourage spamming.
If you need to type up a commentary, that’s a higher quality post in my opinion.

I personally would love to see news about Pimax on r/Vive and less spam. People repost every single forum comment now.

As to your ban, I agree with @Dreamwriter.

Or why not the /r/Pimax or /r/Pimaxvr threads where they should go?

Bc the people posting the links have been actively participating in r vive for two years daily like me lol

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I understand, I too have been active on /r/Vive as long as it has existed. To me it just makes sense to post links in /r/Pimax instead because the mod the is not a Dick Like the one in /r/Vive. He want s us to promote the Pimax.

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r/vive is basically home of r/steamvr since their was only the htc vive.

Now theirs pimax, I think r/steamvr will get more popular.