Quick update on M1 progress

Hi Futurists - We got the first batch of trial assembly units from the factory yesterday, and we are now testing them in-house, testing is a very crucial step that we are taking seriously!

We have eight testers on board. The selected testers are actively preparing for the closed beta testing. They have already started to contribute thoughts to us in terms of how to improve the testing process, and how to make the community satisfied with the final product.

After testers receive the units, the team will have an in-depth discussion with them to evaluate the experience as a whole.


Thanks for the update! This is a big step. I look forward to the tester’s reviews, once they are published.


thanks for the update ,
Do you still think Q2 is reasonable estimate delivery date if everything goes as planed ?


@deletedpimaxrep1 Thank you very much for the update, this is starting to get real; pretty excited here to see this whole thing moving forward incrementally. So much doubt and negativity from some here at times when things are slow. There are many more hundreds of backers like me who have sat back and watched the theatrics here the last 5 months and I too admit I’ve had my doubts since this is a slow burn, but it’s starting to get real. Very excited for the future of our HMD’s.


Q2 is still the planned shipping time.
It seems slow to make so many prototypes and conduct tests, but it’s the most efficient way.


Thank you, i think i can go sleep a bit now :sweat_smile::sleeping:


This is all I have to say…

Go Pimax! Go Pimax! Go! Go! Go! Go!


@deletedpimaxrep1 Can you tell us exactly what kind of feedback you are expecting?

I’m sure the tracking issues are fixed (tracking has been a solved problem for years). I also imagine you didn’t send units to testers if there was still edge distortion/reflection (as was reported during CES). Those were really the last two major complaints people had…

So are you just looking for feedback on the refresh rate? Which I guess is NOT 90hz?


Pimax has already stated that this first batch will be 80 Hz.

How about fit? Comfort? Do they fog up after hours of play? How well do they work on a variety of computers and video cards? Were there any problems playing a wide selection of games? How easy was it to set it up, install the software and get it running? There are probably a lot more potential issues…

Feedback is good, especially before sending out thousands of units.


@deletedpimaxrep1 - congrats on getting to this stage. we all look forward to the testers feedback. And the ultimate goal… consumer release on the horizon :slight_smile:

good luck testers…
P.S i will be away for 3 weeks from the forums as i am taking family for a break in Gold Coast. To the 3 people i am helping with the config and optimization for Elite Dangerous (you know who you are) i will have my phone and will receive notifications if you PM me through the forums… will try to post replies when i can.




Assuming that these trial assembly units are considered the M1 (?), now the internal testing starts. Once that is done, which I expect to take anywhere between 1-2 weeks, they would ship them out (add a couple of days for this), then the beta testers test say for one week, provide feedback, discuss with Pimax, may get software updates to address software related issues. This beta testing should take at least 2 weeks in total, and longer, if the amount or significance of issues demands so. That would make it roughly 4-5 weeks until they could start production. Approx. middle of May. Leaving 6 weeks for production including QA (in the initial production phase things often are not as straight-forward as one would hope).

Well, if really everything goes smooth from here on, it is doable, for sure (an 80Hz version, that is). But given the past experience I have difficulties believing this will be the case, so I will brace myself for further delays, taking delivery out of Q2. The problem is, if issues remain, we (and Pimax) have no idea how long it will take to resolve these, so you cannot sensibly estimate an expected delivery date for that scenario.


Completely agree with this assessment.
That being said we are comming close! My biggest fear ist that M1 has some problems that demand a M2.
If not this should be good, even if production problems cause another small delay.

Now lets hope M1 is blowing away the testers and delivers!

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Now that you mention it, Kind of curious about whether stress tests have caused any snags along the line, and whether the devices have just sailed through EMC classification, and such things… :7

Will calibration of production run units take place at the factory, of will you find yourselves inundated with work, doing that-in house?

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This is great news guys, so exciting! :grinning:
Thank you for the update @deletedpimaxrep1


Please…, do not act like this. We all know already that you’re one of the testers. At least you can stop hiding.


Thank you for the update @deletedpimaxrep1

well that would suck if you were one of the testers…

your review of the amsterdam unit was so out of contrast with my experience, i will not believe a word you say…

no offense…



What is the planned time that you are giving them to take the tests and give you a return? (After they get the headsets of course.)

I find it quite funny as literally every one else at VR Days in Amsterdam shared my opinion and was really impressed.
Did you really try the v2?


I think some people had a good experience and others bad, perhaps IPD problem for some?

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