Questions to Norman

Norman Chan ( will test 8K on Monday.
Any questions about 8K? we can invite Norman to test and address.


Awesome news ! Some questions:

  • What does he think about brightness, contrast, colours ?
  • Does he experience ghosting ?
  • Did he experience any stuttering ?
  • Lens quality ? Any visible godray’s ?
  • Could he perfectly adjust IPD ? Is everything sharp ? Do his eyes feel tired after a while ?
  • Any nausea ?
  • How comfortable is the headset ? Around the nose any pressure ?
  • How is the overlap in vision between the eyes ?
  • At what resolutions could he run the headset ? Does it even support 2x4k natively ? If so at which refresh rates ? Higher refresh rates at 2x4k would need DSC compression, does this work ?
  • Did he experience any drift ?
  • How does he like the controllers ? Response time, accuracy ?
  • SteamVR compatability ? How do games ‘scale’ ? Did everything work perfectly ?
  • What’s the max resolution/refresh rate he can run comfortably using 1080(ti)
  • Did he try Brainwarp ? How did he like it ? Why not just use ASW ?
  • Movie playing: is this set any good for regular movie playing ? And 3d/SBS ?

*What native resolutions will the displays work at?

*How will steam VR render games at 200 degrees FOV

Please show him games that will really test the headset. Elite dangerous project cars etc

Please use a high spec computer not a laptop to demo

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Great! Look forward to the results of his review.

  • How easy does he find it to use with glasses?
  • How does he find it’s performance in comparison to the Vive and Rift
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Great that Norm is testing.

  1. I would like to see him try out Project Cars because it is a game that pisses me off due to the inability to see far into the distance under the current headsets.
  2. I would like to see him test out movie apps and see what is like watching movies on this 8k headset.
  3. How is the tracking compare to Vive’s headset…as far as grid lines/Chaperone and controllers accuracy in different positions.
  4. How is the Inside-Out tracking; what add-on is available and when are they available.
  5. Most importantly, a detail report on resolution, FOV.
  6. What is it like trying out Brain Warp and different settings and what is the PC requirements. Can this actually run native 4K. Can you test out the SteamVR settings with their own warping techniques as well. How far can you push with 980ti?
  7. Just an overall impression of the whole package: resolution, FOV, sense of presence, tracking accuracy, ect…

Will the Pimax 8K use the new SteamVR Lighthouse 2.0 tracking?

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i would be interested in his review of the build quality, including head strap, face foam and comfort, as well as mic quality and earpiece (earphone) quality (i know with the pimax 4k headphones i cant use them for longer than 20 mins as makes my ears ache) - are the buttons on the 8K usable and accessible, and what accessories will he be using.

Also compatibility with Steamvr as well as Oculus Games and Unity etc and if SBS games work well (using non pimax mode) is there stuttering in that setup when playing.

also for the new lens tech (think it was CLIC or something like that, can he do a comparison of that new tech to others that are available on other HMDs what is the clarity like, what are the pros and cons.

how is the piplay rendering and the slider for quality working on the 8k. what is the pixel viewability like (can you see the pixels or space between them on 200deg view)

can he describe what games he is playing and how the visor displays them… are they stretched - does the game handle 4/1 ratio or whatever the HMD requires?

finally marks out of 10 for design, comfort, usability, lens quality, game quality, movie quality, price (??)

thanks so much



I’d like to hear about how it works with Virtual Desktop and Big Screen. I know that Virtual Desktop supports higher resolutions now with Windows Ten and Multi-GPU set ups with VRWorks so I would really love to hear how legible text is inside Pimax 8K and how virtual screens look running non-VR content in VR.

I often work from home and it is my lifelong dream to work in a virtual reality space from home.


Pimax 8K is compatible with Steam VR light houses. and we offer our own tracking solutions.

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  1. Is the brightness on par with the vive?
  3. Is it VorpX compatible?
  4. Will brainwarp work on all steamvr games?
  5. Will brainwork work in unison with asynchronous reprojection on steamvr ?
  6. Can we set custom resolutions for games?
  7. Does pimax 8k do native 4k per eye @90hz?
  8. Is wireless available at launch? Eye tracking available at launch? What accessories are available and fully functional?
  9. Is it resistant to sweat damage? Water protected circuits?
  10. How do the vive wands connect to pimax 8k, as someone who already owns a vive.

To answer the all capital question: yes, 200 fov work in all games

all the parts that touch your skin, including the part around lens, are all lighter, replaceable, and detachable.

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Hi. I use the 4K display of a Z5Premium to enjoy 4K Virtual Reality often. It has the better quality Image for video than I had seen until I tested the Pimax4K in a mall.

I think the Pimax 4K is not based on the SHARP LS055D1SX04 4K display like the Z5P. I’m wrong?

and the Pimax 8K? Does it use the SHARP LS055D1SX04? or maybe the AUO H546UAN01.0?

Yes you’re wrong. It’s the exact same model display panel. Pimax uses just a newer revision though.

Unless your Pimax serial start with 102 of course, then you have an 1440p panel.

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How could that be true if the pimax 8k has 4k @90 native per eye when your screens you asked about are only 60?

I was replying to his remark about the 4k. The pimax 8k obviously had different panels

Sorry about the confusion. This is the 8k discussion board here :slight_smile:

how is the feeling of presence? how close to real world?

Here are my questions for Norm

Can he demo the unit in full resolution?

How is binocular overlap?

Is geometric distortion in the periphery of the FOV under control in the present prototype?

What does the resolution actually look like through the lenses in a movie, IE CV1 and Gear VR look like a 480p resolution on the huge Oculus video screen. Does it look close to HD 720p yet?


An important one indeed, would also love to hear how the geometry over the whole FoV is.

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Let’s hope it’s great! I’ve been waiting so long for proper fov and resolution!
By the way, anyone know what time norm is demoing the pimax 8k?