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So the NDA is lifted in a few days but I’m not sure the following questions will be or can be answered so perhaps @deletedpimaxrep1 & @Pimax-Support can give guidance?

  1. Can the 8k upscaling process be improved?
    For example either with a firmware update or replacement chip down the line?

  2. What is the situation with eye tracking and how is it expected to affect performance and quality?

3.What is the situation with brainwarp? Will the 8k be usable without it if fps falls well below refresh rate?


I take it you want this info to decide wether the 8K will be improved down the line or not?


as is true for just about everything tech related, It will definitely be improved upon. Whether that is a newer revision or a completely new headset is the question. The current headsets will likely not have upgrade paths. That is a very difficult thing to do. Having the 4k, I can only draw on the experience of it. Pimax has continually improved the Software and firmware as time has moved forward. I can only assume that this will continue with the current headsets too. I would expect to see a newer version of the 8k, Possible 8k X or even a different but improved version for consumers in the future. It will likely be pretty far out into next year i would guess.


Yes, and to help with an informed decision as to whether the 5k+ or 8k is the better purchase.

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I would see a year of normal use with updates after that as a good bet to get the 8K

[quote=“Dan, post:1, topic:8174, full:true”]1. Can the 8k upscaling process be improved?
For example either with a firmware update or replacement chip down the line?[/quote]
As I mentioned elsewhere, the scaler is a simple chip which probably has NO firmware to update. The chip is almost certainly soldered in place, so the only feasible upgrade would be to replace the entire circuit board in the headset.

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Is that a fact or assumption?
Not saying you are wrong, it makes sense, but anything official?
Know anything about the implications of brainwarp and eye tracking?

Nothing official. Quite a while ago, I read the specs on the bridge and scaler chips.

There’s been no news of substance regarding brainwarp. Eye tracking can POSSIBLY be used to reduce distortion and implement foveated rendering, but we don’t know the capabilities of the particular module Pimax will be offering.

Would not mind if there was a trade in of the 8K IF later on there is an 8K+. for backers only though.

has the scaler chip been used in anything else of note?

Sorry, I don’t know…

It might be the case but my understanding of the Pimax 8k was that is was to be a modular system leanding itself to updates and addons as they come online. It would be handy and versatile if the scaler chip board could be swapped out down the track for something better, be it another scaler or even running full display res via updated DP hardware.

At a price but a kit for those handy with electronics with stipulations about such and/or a return to vendor upgrade path. In an era of throwaway consumption leading to sever environmental consequences, it would be nice to see Pimax offer upgradability on their product ensuring long term usage.

You’ll never find a anything for sale where you can swap components on the board as you want

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