Question on IPD setting

Hi, thank you for PIMAX, I love headset design and its ability to display high resolution images.

I have used IPD adjustment at PiPlay settings 50 ~ 75mm at every 1mm increment, but it did not help me.

I am feeling very dizzy to use this device - I can only wear about 10sec because my brain cannot resolve what my eyes are seeing. I also see afterimages (blurry images around what I saw a second ago - my eyes see these afterimages as I slowly move my head).

At SteamVR, I use displayMirror on its option. Images shown on my monitor are fine.

I would like to know if this problem is common, and if there is any workable solutions.

from Los Angeles, California, USA

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Hi Kevinkicho, Sorry to hear about this. this problem is not common. How about your eyesight? do you have myopia?

I see… I am afraid but I think I have a defective product :frowning:

I have astigmatism so I wear glasses for it but I don’t have myopia. Moreover, I have been using Oculus Rift for a month now, so I would like to add that I am quite used to cyber sickness.

I have been in contact with support team via skype for 3 days now. I am afraid but if I don’t come across workable solution, I will look for the ways to receive replacement unit.

it is a common problem… the ipd setting or some thing related to it is wrong they need to fix asap!!
the tracking is slow so there is a very small delay its basicly just like a oculus dk1 its rubbish until they add an positional tracker so this is the main cause of your dizziness.
Also there is an ghosting effect (afterimage) which doesn’t help.

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Hi! Does the IPD setting works?
If the IPD setting doesn’t work, please close the SteamVR first.

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Hmm… I wish there is better way to describe what I am seeing… Sorry I am not good in English.

IPD settings are working - I set it at 62mm for my eyes, but image is not clear cos there is a vibration.

I change it to 50mm like someone suggested in the forum. I have a link below:

If you think about it is odd, that I see best image at 50mm, when it is clearly not my Inter pupillary distance - I think it is what it stands for. But 50mm is not even that clear - it’s sort of best among all blurry images, unfortunately…

It looks like development team is releasing new patch to improve IPD settings!!!

I am so excited about it. I like the design and high resolution my headset provides. I am afraid but I will have to work with PIMAX SDK until it arrives… :slight_smile:

Kevinkicho Hi, It seems to me if I understood correctly, that means IDP inter pupillary distance, and having known the optical profession, calculate the gap between your two pupils. For this you take a rule, you puts you face a mirror, and you put the rule on the nose, such as opticians, and you made sure to put the zero of the rule, on one of your pupils, you do moves over the eyes, it must be fixed (I know it is not easy to do or even, if you ask someone to do it calmly you), and your other pupil, you will have the exact number of your IDP written in minimeter, for me, for example, is 64 minimeter. :wink: I hope to help you, but IDP is the distance between your two pupils!

SDK you want is here!

Interesting. Where did you hear that the development team is releasing a patch to improve the IPD settings?

I have the same problem with the IPD. Blurry when you move around, ghosting, and eye strain. There is not a guide or instruction on how to use the pimax sdk. Any help from support will be appreciated.


Hi dzeek! I Skype’d with support team yesterday =)
I truly hope that they release the patch to allow me to set IPD in bigger range. I am afraid at this point, I am no longer going to use PIMAX because image is too blurry;;

I do not know whether new patch will come, but as of now, this product is certainly unusable. I will just have to cross my fingers and wait, or;; try to get this working somehow - as we both know, this product is largely a big failure… lol But the support team do seem to be updating software, and last update on PiPlay - it seems to me - came at around September 19, which is like a month and half ago. I can wait this long, given that there will be a major software upgrade not only to address health risk - that I am reporting - but also in SteamVR/ Oculus Rift compatibility among many and many problems that you can find in this forum.

Hi mytemplo! Haha thanks for the kind explanation on IPD but I already knew what they are;; Now, I am sure you and I both understand how bizzare a person would look when his/her IPD is less than 50mm. I do have IPD of 63mm and I need this product to give me comfortable images for my eyes like any other VR goggles would do.

My problem with PIMAX - that I would like to get attention on - is the fact that product does not give me comfortable image at my true IPD which is 63mm. What is even more bizzare - in my opinion, is that image actually looks better at 50mm - but it is very eye tiring. Whether new patch will come - I do not know - but I really need some changes to PiPlay or other back-end software supports because, this product is unusable.


Hi kevinkicho ^^

So here you have all said and summed, yes I did notice the exact same thing as you, IDP 50 the picture is clear much better we see more details loins and movement is more fluid level pixel, but as you said I fear eyestrain.

So, because I have not read everything in English, but you, hyperopia? For this is my case, and I think that this causes to individuals who have this problem in the eyes!

For cons, I pondered this problem of adjustment IDP, that I take these steps as you have indicated, is only correct for ocular corrective lenses (glasses), out here; convex lenses are hyper so obviously false that the usual calculated and the results are different because in the end our eye intersects with a very different angle, I apologize but it’s a bit complicated to explain, but I began to understand this lens of history, and they are right, we have fallen even lower than 50 IDP, the next patch application Pimax we should be able to! And urges the VR headsets that adjusts automatically by a tracking pupils, because it would be much simpler ^^

Brief personally, this is not my biggest problem, I happen not absolutely a go live mode or PImax mode, I attack I tried everything, absolutely everything, I followed all the advice and tutorial Pffffff this forum … … I hope the next patch is simplified things because I’m sick, I spent the afternoon!

Good day to all, of France :smile:

What is Pimax SDK? And where can I get it please?

Did Pimax release a new IPD setting feature?

From your discription, we suspect it may relate to the mismatched lens holder, would you please help us to verify it? we will send you the sub-assembled lens houlder.

you can refer below infor

Thanks for your patient. we have received three batch(total 7 units) with center blur issue. all this units have been done detailed analysis, now we think we found all rootcuase, this
issue mainly comes from two reasons:

  1. 2 units’ lens coating has big issue.
  2. 5 units lens holder mismatched . we have two version lens with different materials:
    version 1.0 is COP (opcital focus F0 is 34mm) , version 2.0 is PMMA K26A combined( optical focus F0 is 37mm). since version 1.0 and version 2.0 focus is different. so we using different height lens holder to match. that’s to say, version 1.0 lens must use lower holder, and version 2.0 lens must use higher holder. While this 5 units we found version 2.0 lens with lower holder. we think some older holders were mixed in new holder parts during assemble in the manufactory. we’re so sorry for this production issue. and all the lower holder parts have been well quarantined now.
    After stock check in the factory, we believe that there’re about 2-3% units(20-30units) with mismatched lens holder were shipped to oversea markert. for myopia person, it won’t cause issue, but for normal sight person, this optics mismatched unit will cause center blur issue.
    we’re sorry and we offer two solutions for this issue:
  3. send us your address, we privide two lens wih correct holder sub- assembled and assemble manual, then you guys could change the lens by yourselves.
  4. we’r trying to coordinate our sales channel to handle this issue.

If you guys have other better suggestions, pls tell us!
PimaxVR team.

I sent a email two days ago requesting the two lens replacement, but i have not received any email back, i sent my home address and everything. Please respond to my email as soon as possible,
eddy almaguer

I am also having this problem with my unit. I would like to RMA. Please explain the RMA procedure…


I measured my IPD with a ruler and went in to set it to 63mm -it was already set to this…!

-Is the unit auto IPD setting or is this the default?

Ok so I am abit confused now is the problems we are all having about IPD because of software or is it because of the lense/lense holder??