Question about vr cushion cover

  1. The original 5k/8k what is the size of the cushion cover?

  2. Anyone has a link on buying a thicker cushion? Think mines is 12.5 not sure.

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It’s probably 13.5 then?

I would just buy a thick one for the Vive, like this one:
DKK 11.23 31%OFF | 22MM PU Leather Face Foam Replacement Eye Mask Pad Cushion Cover for HTC VIVE Headset VR Virtual Reality Glasses Accessories

If You need even more space use a layer or two of double-sided velcro between the cowling and the foam.

No idea on original.

I use VRCover 16mm oculus velour, I tried many, many of them and this one suits my taste best, but it is personal of course. I cut original padding in pieces and use it as nose insert. Edit: sorry just saw it is out of stock :frowning:

That doesn’t ship to the US. What a shame

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Maybe You can find another one then?

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Thank you. Thanks to that, I bought it now.
If you install eye tracking on the basic pad, not the comfort kit,
The distance from the eye is so close that it interferes with the eyebrows.
You need to keep cleaning the glass.
If you replace it with a 22mm cushion, I expect that the problem will be gone.
(But the viewing angle will be narrow…)



Don’t have the comfort kit. Been sitting in china for 3 months.

3 months?!

Did you contact Fedex or the shipping company mailing it to the US and ask why?

It in china and pimax told me because the package is small it takes longer. Took them 2 months for them to answer my ticket on top of that. My post office don’t know what wrong. It most likely lost.

Try here!/sort/manual/page/2

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