Question about preorder


I’d like to ask that if i order a Pimax 5k XR with the silicon protective cover (spc), will i have to wait for my headset until the spc becomes available or will i get the headset first and then the spc sometime later? Or will i get a coupon for a free spc if i order it without it? I want to get the 5kxr set as soon as possible but i don’t want to lose the free spc as well.


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Hello Tohuki,

Actually the Silicone Protective Cover is available for sale, but it’s currently out of stock, we are trying to restock it ASAP, so by the time you order the 5K XR, you may receive the SPC along with headset.
You may contact with the CS team when you placed the order, they will brief you regarding the shipment process, mostly users are able to get both items in a packaging.

Have a nice day.


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Thank you very much. I’ve already ordered and asked the CS team.