Question about pre-order payment


I’d like to pre-order a 5k+, but when do you debit payment? During pre-order or in a few months when devices will be shiped?


Good question i would like to know as well

By the time the website loads they will be shipped :smiley:


I just went through the process to see, eventually getting to payment page. Although the paypal option had an error I’m getting the sense this is pay now?

up! any pimax employee here or are they all fired after that website fail ?

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It’s crazy… Today site denied and at the opening of the pre order impossibly to pre-order one of the headset and basestation and controller… Where is your communication? where is your marketing plan? Your nda is poorly made with the 5kBE appears in which world do you live? I hope the Sav is better than your marketing… And I think you can do your best for the consumers with a good marketplace wallet and a good service ty

Up again! as long as there’s no answer to this question, many people won’t order.
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Money gone from my paypal account so guess it’s pay now

And we have our answer for why they need pre-orders to ‘ramp up production’ for backer pledges.

What us Yanks call “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would not recommend this to my worst enemy, but ya’ll go with your gut, with my best wishes for a satisfactory outcome.