Quest2 is the Worst device i have EVER used

I collect vr headsets, and might I say. the quest 2 is by far the worst one I have used.

its super uncomfortable, presses onto my face painfully,
its laggy,
its slow,
everything has baked lighting.

the fov is absolutely tiny

its controllers are not ergonomic at all

the sound is lacking… on EVERYTHING!
lacking on bass, mids sound supper muddy

highs are almost non existent.

the rift s has higher quality sound than the quest2!

the battery life is horrible.

overall I rate this headset a 0/10

the rift s has a better sounding audio, it is more comfortable, it’s microphone in my opinion even sounds better!

the quest 2 is an absolutely horrible device.

and if you ask, “well, why dont you connect it to a pc then?” well, I did. the latency was so bad it felt like I was swimming through Jello, I tried it wired, I tried it wireless with over 1gb connection speeds, it overall is a horrible device.



Not exactly my experience but we’re all different of course… :slightly_smiling_face:

I find it to be an amazing device for what it is and am currently using it (via WiFi 6 / Virtual Desktop) while my 8KX is being RMA’ed.


of course, everyone is different! thats whats neat. i am just super sensitive to refresh rate, tracking stability and such. if any of that is lacking by just a little bit, i get severely motion sick and cant play for longer than 15 mins. and the quest’s low refresh rate does NOT help with that at all. i just got this for game development, and i just wanted to say my first impressions.


Just an FYI - it’s capable of running in 90 and 120 Hz modes.

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90 is still too low for me, and 120 is like my bare minimum, and i still tend to get nauseous from that from time to time, i normally play at 144 on my 5ks and it removes most nausea


I kind of enjoyed the Quest 2 (altough with the battery elite strap and modded audio using old headphones and 3D-printing), but the build quality is crap and its really a headset you shouldn’t recommend.

Mine permabricked itself after 5 months with the screen only showing garbage and in those 5 months i needed 3 controller replacements due to joystick drift.

not sure guys what you talking about but 299$ with screen on par with latest hmd - ie 8kx on native mode, pc vr is medio core quality but native games like tennis and echo are blast, i have 8kx, g2, vp2, index and preffer quest over all for working through VD, comfort and battery life is excellent (8hrs) with das and battery as a counter weight, did you expect 299 bucks to have the best strap lol. Sounds like immature impression based on needs for pc vr gaming (which with good pc isnt really bad but depednds on kind of game and approach/settings used to decrease the lag and ofc the quality of wireless connection) But myself i play pcvr on index , i enjoy 8kx as well but its too heavy to sit 12 hrs every day (including work) and mura and optics arent ideal but immersion for sims, edge to edge clarity even with optics caveats and sharpness add a lot to immersion

i think quest2 has best lenses /display stack among all consumer hmds and if they would support direct wire connection like cv1 back in days they would kill the index. Mic is awesome, audio is best after index/O+ and maybe HTC DAS, if you lack volume use apo equalizer amplifier when streaming youtube through VD

good god rays, edge 2 edge clarity for me, big vertical fov and 95 hor, really good diffuser that doesnt soft the picture, no fogging, light weight, good contrast , colours, brightness, good soft, best in class tracking after LH, ease of use


I’ll say the sound is adequate for what it is, the screen resolution is solid, and 3D effect is very good too, but the 89 FOV and bad colors/contrast prevents me from any immersion. It’s good for fitness games and I guess has a decent chunk of social games with friends (Walkabout, Topgolf, Fishing, Cookout).


through VD maybe but on native colours are very good, also air link has good colours

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The color band image test I use would say otherwise for Air Link. The Reds are too saturated in my unit. Basically the last 6-7 columns are the same color.

Can you test it? Just open it up in desktop view and check it out.


not sure about colour calibrations stuff but percieved vibrancy for me is good, its best lcd colours maybe after vp2 i saw in lcd, i like q2 on native mode more than g2, but yes when streamed they are a bit worse but still very decent, not oled but i like it, 8kx is dimm and a bit muted but with reshade looks enough, much better than 3 old pimaxes i had


VR headsets are probably the most subjective peripheral because they interact physically with the shape of our heads and with our eyesight. Eye PID, eye socket depth, cheek size, nose size, all effect how well any particular device “fits” our heads.
I’ve never tried a Quest 2, but I recently bought a secondhand Quest 1 and I was very impressed with it. The supplied strap was terrible, but that was quickly fixed with a Vive DAS and adapters. The graphics and speed seem fine to me, and the wireless link to my Steam VR games on my high spec PC is amazing, no lag.
I’ve had many headsets over the years, right from an Oculus DK2 to my current 8kx, and this Quest 1 is a definite keeper, enabling me to wirelessly use my gaming PC from a comfortable chair in the Lounge, even though it’s upstairs…


The Quest 2 is a pretty good headset, and unbeaten for its price point.

But of course everyone can have their opinion. Be it balanced or rather searching for negatives only, as I felt when reading through the OP - well 2/3 of it as a I lost interest in it as it seemed to be written only to bash the Q2. I don‘t mind critical views but in order to value them higher I prefer to see that somebody was at least willing to give the headset a chance and also consider the relevant boundaries like price, use cases, logical downsides of positives such as autonomous capabilities due to its own processing unit, etc. etc…


IMHO the Q2 is a nice headset. It’s actually my goto headset to quickly demo VR to those who haven’t seen it. The plank experience on the Q2 for example gives people that “feeling” that only VR (and real life) can give.

I bought the Oculus Go, The Quest 1 and the Quest 2. The Go IMHO was quite weak but could easily see with it the overall route they were trying to go with it. In some ways the Quest 1 is actually better than the Quest 2. (more precise IPD setup and OLED).

My only issue with what I read about the Quest 2 is people often read more into it than is there. The Q2 software are smartphone games. Head2Head every aspect of it is massively weaker than PCVR. The Plank for example looks just brutal compared to the PCVR version, almost like a Nintendo 64 version. It’s still good enough to show people though and give them a taste of VR. I love seeing people try VR for the first time, it still is quite exciting.

Also I regularly see people confuse SDE reduction with resolution. The actual working resolution on a Q2 is quite low due to the highly limited processing capability. When piping in from steam the actual resolution is very low but on the positive side due to diffusal techniques the SDE is also very low. In racing games, sims etc. it’s almost impossible to actually see distant objects but close ones are OK and the color rendition is good for an LCD.

On the audio it uses essentially the same speaker we use for the smas. But all-in-all for the price it’s a very nice VR headset PCVR people can use to demonstrate VR to someone in a matter of seconds with a significant drawback commonly being Facebook potentially monitoring literally your every move using it and now advertisements shoe-horned into our game experiences.

Just my .02c


even if you use same speakers its not enough to make audip good, drivers, sound waves reflections, speakers positions etc are very important. SMAS & Q2 solutions arent comparable, the latter miles ahead in sound quality, loudness on native, noise cancellation and spatial

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If You’re indeed using the same driver/speaker as Oculus is then they must have done a better job at the tuning (it’s obvious by just looking at the two implementations that it’s different at least) because to me the Q2 sound is “OK” while I felt the SMAS sound was just too “thin” (just like I felt with the Q1)… :wink:

I was actually quite surprised the first time I heard the Q2 sound (I only bought it recently) and often don’t even use headphones when playing because it’s “good enough” (depending on what I’m playing of course)… :slight_smile:


I don’t have any facebook headset but if the sound was as bad as the SMAS, then people would be complaining a lot more for sure about that headset. SMAS sound is just the worst ever. I still can’t wrap my head around it how this ended up in VR headset, let alone a $1200 device

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the 8k-X is a great device (if I had to go back from my VR3 to any other device it would probably be the 8k-X) but the sound is just a really really bad joke …


No offense but, given your VR sensitivities are on the extreme end, you would not be a major influence on any consideration I would give this headset. Then I am the opposite and have an iron stomach.

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there is no any issues with RR, its one of the most solid hmd in this department , i guess he reffered to pcvr lag which is the case, also some games may stutter once per 30 sec on native but there are workarounds + sometimes new firmwares have tracking bugs, but overall despite poor pcvr gaming experiance this is solid hmd, thats the reason i mostly use it on native + for desktop usage. But honestly many games are totally playbable like vrchat, HL:A etc, i even enjoyed dcs but exp was poorerthan on index with lower res display which overall felt better, crisper with 200%SS, reshade and 4xmsaa

Agreed, I have a Varjo VR3 with index controllers and still love the quest 2.

The varjo is like an early 2000s supercar and the quest 2 is like a modern lotus esprit