Quest Pro reduced to 1000 USD after just 4 months - Permanently

Pretty wild for early adopters. I would be furious tbh. Seems like getting one second hand for like 600-700 probably will be doable in the next month or two, at that price it would definitely be worth it imo.

Btw that 1000 USD price is before taxes. :wink:

What do yous think is the primary driver? Low sales? The XR elite? Potentially Apple’s upcoming headset?

Personally, I think it comes down to mostly the lower than expected sales (don’t think that was ever confirmed, just an assumption on my part). It’s quite an aggressive price drop, I do wonder if they are even making money on it by that point. Could definitely be a reaction to the XR elite also which generally got much more favourable reviews and seems potentially to do what the Quest Pro could do but better and (originally) slightly cheaper (albeit without eye tracking or face tracking out of the box).

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First of all: Wrong topic

Second of all:


Taxes weren’t even calculated there lol. If you’re buying in the US then it will depend on where you’re buying it as to how much tax you pay. Which you already know, so not sure what your point is.

Thirdly: Why do you keep wanting to die on these weird hills? You get something mixed up but then double down on it like no one I’ve ever seen.

The 1500/1000 is before taxes, so you need to add on whatever taxes are relevant in your region. This also will depend on if it’s sold locally or imported etc. You absolutely know this, why are you pretending you don’t? You have the pre-tax price, typically always USD, for announcements and then tax etc is added on later in your own region. It’s a very very VERY simple concept that you definitely already are familiar with.

As for Pimax, they will need to do the same when someone goes to actually pay for the crystal (which no one has yet, except those 15 Chinese testers I guess).

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Yes lad…announced USD prices always exclude tax. Always. Why are you pretending like you don’t know that?

At this point I just need to assume you’re trolling, I can’t accept that you’re not. Well played I must say though. I’ll stop feeding you, as is generally recommended.




That’s Miineapolis btw, I just grabbed a random address. The tax will vary depending on where in the US it is.

Did you honestly not know that USD announced prices exclude tax? Fair enough if you didn’t, I really thought it was common knowledge but I guess I shouldn’t assume.

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Exactly. Pimax should not assume either which is my point.

Not trying to be rude but when I said this:

I am being serious. They quite literally always are tax free. It’s been the way for longer than either of us have been alive, there’s never been any other way about it. Anytime you have ever seen a product price announcement where the price is announced in USD that price has been tax free.

I think where some of the confusion might come from is that UK prices often work out to the same number (not value) as the US prices due to exchange rate. Like the Quest Pro is 1499 USD without tax but is 1499 GBP with tax. That’s just because the cost with taxes in the UK works out about a similar number (but not value) and then they round it to that appealing xx99 number. In Euro it’s 1799.

Anyway, it would be far more confusing and problematic if Pimax suddenly were the first company in history to start announcing USD prices with tax included, like how would they even decide what tax rate to go with as it varies from state to state. When you see the pound or euro price then you’ll know that those are tax inclusive and what you’ll actually pay.

One potentially alternative, is they go the import customs route so you pay the USD price and then have to pay whatever customs and duties importing it amount to. I don’t see Pimax going that route though as they already sell to these regions in the local currency and include all taxes and fees. Testers might have to do that though if their transactions are bit more adhoc or something.

Anyway, glad that’s cleared up now.

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I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting Pimax put ex after their prices thats it.

Sure, it’s no harm. That said, it’s very rare for other companies to do it with USD prices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it tbh as you can’t really advertise USD prices with taxes unless locally in a specific state (which even then, no one does because you want to appear cheaper).

Why should Pimax be the only ones to need to do it?

Just a few examples, no point in carrying on, but you’ll notice that no one ever says “excl. taxes” when showing US prices.

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And we in the UK don’t say excludes TAX. So I’ll just accept the differences.

With Pimax shipping Internationally from China to the US, EU and UK adding ex tax to their prices makes sense even if advertised in $.

But from now on for arguement sake if I see $ I’ll add on 20% to all Pimax prices going forward.

Do it with all prices, not just Pimax.

I do agree that companies could do with making it clearer, across the board, no harm in that.

Also, @Heliosurge Would you mind moving the last posts between myself and Atmos over to the thread for the 1000 price announcement of the Quest pro? Seems more relevant there and keeps this thread open as it’s currently the main Crystal discussion thread. Thanks!

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Assuming you meant “accept” and not “except” would you please?


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