Q: Why aren't any important topics pinned to the top of the forum?

A user asked me…

Why aren’t any important topics pinned to the top of the forum?

Actually, there are several globally pinned topics and you can pin your own too. However, once you’ve read the last post in a pinned thread, it automatically unpins the thread and it will not be at the top, even if new stuff is added to the thread. There is hope…

You can change this automatic behavior in your user settings “Preferences”. It’s the last checkbox at the very bottom…

"Topics □ Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom. "


That setting should be off by default.


I agree, but it’s not something I can change.

Well in the overview there are only 3 slots to show, if all of those are pinned articles I already read that would not be good either


Thanks for the explanation. I just turned that preference off and ‘Berlin meetup - Backers’ “Hands On” Impressions ONLY’ which had gone missing in my default view of ‘latest’ reappeared at the top again as pinned :+1:

For me pinned normally means permanently pinned but understand changing the default would force others who don’t like it to switch that preference option on.

You can still manually unpin them (just click the pin icon).

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Holy shit the most annoying thing about forum was a defaulted checkbox.

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Can you guys please post links here with all officially pinned topics? For those who want to pin them back but has no clue about them x_x

There’s a better way, that’s completely under your control.

Either log out or use a different browser (I use Chrome for this), which doesn’t know your login. The forum shows all pinned topics at the top, for anonymous users.

If you just want to read them, you’re done.

If you want the topics pinned again, click on a topic you want to repin, copy the url (web address), paste the url into your usual browser, go to the post, and pin the topic.

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