Q.U.B.E Directors cut

Hi. I have this game on steam. On clicking play I see an option to run it in VR on Oculus Quest.
How do I get it running on Pimax?
I’ve tried running it from Pitools with no luck. Anything I try just runs it in a little window on the desktop.



If you launch from SteamVR Home, does it crash and display an error message? Also, do you have Revive installed?

I haven’t used VR in some time.
When I go to SteamVR Home the game is not in the list. If I go into the SteamVR menu it’s not there in the library but if I click View All it opens up Bigpicture or whatever it’s called on the desktop, must be a new update.
If I run it from that again it just opens up on the desktop on a small window.

I have no idea what Revive is so no I don’t have it installed.

Thanks for your help.

You may check this post - Steam Community :: Guide :: How to set up Revive

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Thank you. I remember playing Oculus games and also Steam games in Oculus mode for better fps without this in the past but I remember posting on here before that I could never get Sneaky Bears to work. I see in that link that game so hopefully this will fix that too.

Many Thanks.

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If I used the inject function it still just runs on the desktop. Nothing in the headset.

Did the game move to PimaxPlay - “My Assets”?

Try to launch the game from PimaxPlay.

Hmm I don’t have that. I use Pitool at the moment.
I checked in Pitool and the game is showing in the My Games section.
When I click start it just opens in a window on the desktop as usual.
Nothing in the headset.

I installed PimaxPlay. It’s all dark and horrible. :face_vomiting:
The game isn’t showing in ‘My Assets’

Did you configure the settings on PimaxPlay?

You’ll need to relaunch PimaxPlay so it can scan your Steam library and add the games to “My Assets.”

Nope it doesn’t show in Assets in PimaxPlay. Restarted it several times.
Also how do you get the games in that to list alphabetically like they were in Pitool? They seem to be in some random order which makes finding games in it a bit harder.

Hmmm, perhaps you might need to launch the game from Steam rather than PimaxPlay. We are currently in the process of developing a feature that will enable users to manually add games to PimaxPlay’s assets.

Will be organized according to various platforms for ease of use.

Nope just runs in a window on the desktop.
Oh well. Thanks for your help.

Having them in a random order does not make it easier to use. There doesn’t seem to be any logic and their arrangement. An option to list alphabetically would help a lot if you could pass that request on the developers.

Hi, I think I saw somewhere before that this game was compatible with first oculus only (DK1?). Maybe it was updated since, I do not know. But better check steam hub for this game, what other people said.

Thanks for your input. check Steam hub?

Find this game on steam, click it, and you will find “community hub” somewhere; there you can find discussions, artworks… Check discussions first, then guides, feedbacks…

Ah I know what you mean now. Thanks I already looked in discussions of Steam. No mention on Pimax so that’s why I posted here to get help from people who have Pimax headsets.

Does Pimax not play first Oculus games?

DK1 was first vr, completely different. Games at that time was hard coded for DK1 only.
After that time vr came in more friendly coding for general vr.

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Ah thanks for knowledge. I can safely just give up on this game now then and just play it on my monitor.
It is supposed to work in Vorpx but I believe it’s just 2D.

Can’t believe they haven’t made a game like this and Portal for VR. Seems like basic VR gaming to me.