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Creating a topic so we can discuss these points. My first question is:

First off, really appreciate the Q&A. Thanks for that!

Is this the Q&A that Joshua was working on over on reddit?

This is quite concerning. Seems like DFR and Foveated Transport are quite a way off. I thought auto-ipd would be pretty quick and easy to implement (although these things are always more complicated than they seem!). I appreciate the transparency and honesty here though.

That’s great news!

What about the Portal VR versions? Wouldn’t they need the hdmi cable to do PCVR? I guess standalone is the main focus but that seems a way off yet. I’m mostly interested in the portal for the handheld gaming tbh so not too concerned about this aspect, just curious.

ah okay, that clears up my previous question actually ha. I guess it’s USB-C compressed? Like quest etc. Seems like for VR the QLED model is definitely the one to go for, good to know.

That reads to me as a quite clear confirmation that the 12k is not coming this year. That’s fair enough, it needs more work and I’m glad you’re letting people know now. That said, you should probably offer some additional incentive, like an extra 50-100 USD off the trade in value to help keep people happy that bought into the trade-in program based on the original timelines of the 12k launching last year.

And thanks for the heads up on the interview video coming up with Nordic! Excited to see that.


I’m just hoping my 8KX laats until the release of the 12K so I can trade it in. Thanks for the Q&A Pimax, but I think that is only a cherry picked fraction of the questions asked.


Likely the same QnA just shared.

I am curious as why both Portal versions judging by the QnA don’t both have hdmi?

Q&A from 21/3/2023 with Nordic Ren (Pimax CEO) and Sebastian Ang from MRTV.


Main points:

  • First “hundreds” of pre-orders go out end of April
  • Pre-order NOW - get it in 3 months
  • Now 6h battery life - but want to achieve 8h
  • 2 Batteries confirmed
  • No plans for Lighthouse only SKU, but Lighthouse module still confirmed
  • Exact number of dimming zones: 24 * 24 per panel
  • Blooming can be improved
  • DMAS for pre-orders until end of May
  • FOV internal goal: Valve Index
  • Wigig Module working sample May
  • Wireless streaming, they hope to get VD on it, contacted Guy Godin
  • WIFI Streaming battery life is 2h, their goal is 4h
  • Eye tracking is ready but needs work, ready in April (auto ipd!)
  • Dynamic Foveated Rendering on driver level confirmed goal
  • Working sample for dynamic foveate rendering end of may
  • 4070ti for MSFS as minimum
  • Still working on 12k
  • Dedicated team working on 12k
  • Q4 Roadshow for 12K

How does one determine what number one is on the preorder list?

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here’s my order number broken down as an example : W002820221105

afaik this means i’m order number 0028 on the date 20221105 (i.e. order 28 on Nov 5th 2022).


Don’t think it works that way.
I pre-ordered after you but my number is lower than yours.

i think the order number starts from 0 for each day, so i am number 28 on that day.

You’re right, the order number resets each day.

Also we don’t know if the order number is only for the Crystal or for every order in the store that day :sweat_smile:

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How do you you know many Crystal pre-orders happened for that day?
Basically the info doesn’t tell us really anything useful, unless you pre-ordered on the exact day that they opened pre-orders.

i think the order number is useful, it tells us the date of the order and the number of your order. i’ve read somewhere a quote by Pimax that orders will be shipped according to the order number (obviously you have to pay the full price first).

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Pimax has said every one of their headsets will ship in order but when they actually start shipping its conpletely random. You can find many threads in this forum complaining about this. I very much doubt order numbers will be honored here either.


I think it makes more sense that they will send out emails to all the pre-order owners, and give them the order link. So whoever they send emails will have a priority to order over the rest of us.

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