PSMove on Pimax

Hello, I am able to get PSMove controllers + PSVR Camera very cheaply, and i am wornder, can it work with pimax? And will they be accurate.

Thanks in advance

PSMove works very accurately & very well.
For a detailed description of the installation, please visit:
PSMoveService: Home · psmoveservice/PSMoveService Wiki · GitHub
PSMoveService Forum : Redirecting to Google Groups

I have done a lot of testing over the past three weeks to use PSMove and have kept it on YouTube videos.
Now I only have to do the final job to install the four cameras in the optimal position.

And the following two videos are my installation method to explain a little easier.

Setup the camra drivers

PSMove setup

Thx for sharing the psmove setup 2 video! I had problems with my color calibraton and found the problem after 2 days watching this video (I had to right-click on the color pointer to set properly the values…not intuitive at all). Here is the link to the complete method for calibration process: Color Filter Calibration · psmoveservice/PSMoveService Wiki · GitHub

First try of The Lab and Google earth VR with 2 psmove and two cameras. Impressive. I will try tomorrow with a Third cam. Is it possible to store my config before adding the third cam? (Do I have to do the reinstall driver procedure or only change the files on my appdata/psmoveservice in my personnal folder?

You can enjoy more virtual experiences.
When you add a camera or move it to another USB port, perform “Color Filter Calibration” and “Tracker Pose Calibration”.
The camera will be recognized automatically.
Because USB bandwidth can be easily saturated, please refer to the MultiCAM entry in the linked FAQ.

Ok got the third camera. Thx again.

Next step is having positional head tracking. I’ve a fourth custom cam with IR tracking for headtracking. The problem is that the soft I want to use (FaceTrackNoIR) needs pseye driver (not libusb) and I can’t define this driver for this fourth camera because it changes the driver of all my cameras. Any idea?
Second (maybe silly) question: is it possible to make a full tracking with 2 pc/laptops:
-one laptop with pimax and steam etc
-one laptop/pc with all my cameras
(is there an app for linking the two laptops by streaming the traking information to be processed by the second laptop/pc?)

  1. I don’t know. However, I will use another head tracking method that does not use PSeye.
  2. It uses OSVR VRPN. I have not tried it yet, but I have collected information for some time.